Telescopic traction rope use experience!

  When we buy traction rope, we give a lot of or fully consider the convenience to everyone, not onlexperienced怎么读y thtelescopic翻译e beauty of the traction rope, but also the powerful function, which is more important than anything else.

First, the application experienceexperience钢琴谱 of telescopropeskippingic traction rope

1traction翻译, telescopic tractiuser什么意思中文on rope gave the dog a higher theme category, because I don’t have as bexperiencedefore has been behind the dog’experience翻译s hip, it remintraction怎么读ds metraction在车上什么意思 the lawn under the condition of the east west, smells, need notrope可数吗 own a dog to follow a mosquito full legs, don’t have to drag it back home, now ok, just let it be, stand outside on the larope的音标wn.

2, the telescopic leash does not have to letropeway go, reducing the dog is very likely to get lost, arope可数吗nd it has already let the dog can be relative arope可数吗nd random theme activities, so there is no need to let go,experience形容词 the dog is notuse的用法 lost probability.

3. The small mecexperiencehanism on the joystick works very well: The length of the telescopic tractelescopiction rope can liteexperience钢琴谱rarope翻译lly adjust and locked in a certain place, as in the case of must be close to maniuserpulate the dog dog than previoutelescopic forksly fixed length of roptraction模式什么时候用etraction是什么意思 woexperienced是什么意思rk is much, you also need not in a rope in his hand around several rounds, the door straighexperiencet pain, you just need to put the rope down to the length you need, the small organs hold with respect to OK.

Two, the telescopic effecexperiencet ouselessf the traction rope, its advantaropeway怎么读语音ges depend on:

1. Ttelescopic wordhe actual operation is easy and convenient, the braking system is dexterous, and the grip feeling is comfortable.

2. Because the shell is made of solid plastic matexperienced怎么读erial, it istelescopic handle not easy to damage and eaexperience翻译sy totelescopic word clean.use是什么意思

3. The length of the traction belt is more colorful, geusenerally 2-8 meters, wtraction怎么读hich can give the cute pet auser密码 sufficient range of theme activities, improve the amount of exercise, and is condtelescopicityucive to physical and mental health.

4. The traction belt cuselessan be kept in constant tension from beginning to end, fully automatic expansion, making your pet moretelescopic section casual and haptraction怎么读py.

5 traction belt easy cleaning service, the application of the whole process of the ribbon has a very good maintenance effect.

6. The shtraction宝马ell of the flower is more unique, fashion trend sense of oil.

7. It is more convenietelescopic什么意思nt to wear.

8. Especially suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.traction

In the case of the application of extendabexperience翻译le rope you need to maintain fuluseradminl vigilance, longexperience rope to the dog has a certain risk, yousername什么意思中文u must be aware of the situation before the dog, then quitraction模式什么时候用ckly to the dog side, at thtelescopicitye same time hold down thtelescopic covere small mechanism on the stick, control the dog, to prevent accidents.

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