Silk screen hanging rope use

  General screen printing lanyard can be divided into mobile phone lanyard, U disk lahangingsnyard, MP3 lanyard, work lanyard, exhibition lanyard, valid certificate card lanyard, work card lanyard, access card lanyard, visitsilk是什么意思 visit lanyard, etc. The screen printing content can be the compscreenx影厅是什么any nahanging是什么意思英语me, websitesilkroad暗网, key contact number, well-known brand of the product, promotional language, promotional slogan, but also can be the name of sports games, tour, large-screen是什么意思翻译scale activities, party activities and oscreeningther LOGO. Polyester is the most versilk完整版百度云盘satile and fashionable matropeway怎么读语音erial of the ribbon in the lanyard. At present, no matter at home or abroad, over 90% of the lanyard ribbon on thesilk是什么面料 market is made of polyester raw materials. In addition to polyester, there are also polyester, cotton, recyropewaycled PET or bamboo carbon fiber and other raw materials.

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