Ribbon factory & amp; nbsp; Specification for selection of ribbon raw materials

The finished products produced by the ribbon factory are not only limited to yarn and line raw materials in the production process, which are only the raspecification是什么意思中文翻译w materials initially needed. When the ribbon enters the next pspecification是什么牌子rocess, the blank ribbon woven by/weft is the original form of tfactoryreset翻译中文he ribbon,amplifier which is also a crucial part of the production of the ribbon. The quality of grmaterials characterizationeen riamplitudebbspecification怎么读on directly affects the operation of “dyeimaterials lettersng procspecification什么意思中文ess” and “packaging inspecti尿不湿品牌排行榜on process”. What indicators should we follow to standardispecification sheetze the operation of the blank belt inspselectionection? The following by imkGIFT ribbon professional and technical personnel to share.
1. Preparation befospecification什么意思中文re homework:
1.1 Prepare steel ruler.
1.2 Prepare armbands, paper and pens.
2. Inspection operations:
2.1 Chmaterials期刊eck whether tmaterials期刊he warp shaft meets the process requirements on the rack.
2.2 Measure the width of the blank belt and thamp是什么意思e height of tamplifierhe hook type with a steel ruler.
2.3 Stick the greenselection怎么读 belt on the braw格式怎么打开ack and rotate it tospecification see whether the hooribbon什么意思k shape is normal.
2.4 Checkribbons什么意思中文 whether there are any defects in the appearance of the blank belt, such as: dmaterials lettersirty, reverse hook, bad edge, loose edge, different width and size, rotten edge, edge unwinding, yarn jumping and so on.
2.5 The number of tests shalamplel be once per hour.
2.6 If any problem is found, it must be nraw格式和jpg格式区别otified to the manager above the workshop foreman for haselection projectndling and reported to the supervisor for handling in time.
2.7 Accurately record the abnormal quality in the report form for factual basis.
3. Precautions
3.1 Keep hands clean 3nbsp是什么意思聊天.2 The unquaamplifylified products of the green belt inspectespecification怎么读d by the ribbon loom shall be timely reported to the relevant responsible leaders to adjust the boot operation.

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