Preparation process of ribbon dyeing raw materials

First of all, in the process of ribbon dyeing, it is necessary to dye the ribbon or ribbon products accordinraw格式和jpg格式区别g to customer needs for color, dye auxiliaries collocation, now talk about the detailed prrawocess.dyeing读音
1. Preparations before operation:
Clean the machine and check whetraw格式怎么转换jpgher the machineribbons runs normally.
2. Operation method:
2.1 Preparation of dye test solution:
2.2 Weigpreparationshing material: the plate maker opens the required dye amount of 0.5g, and the weighing mateprocessedrial member weighs it;
2.3 Chemical materiaprocessedl: Use a small amount of dyeing and finishing water to complete the internalizing material in a beaker, pipette it into a 250ML volprocessumetric flask, shake it evenly, and prepare 2%preparation test liquid.
2.4 Label: After dyeing raw materials are prepared,processor it is necessarawry to mark them in order to prpreparations什么意思event mistakes. Write the name of dye on label paper, and expect to use it on the day of preparation of concentration. The usage period shall not exceed 3 days.processing编程语言
3, preparation of additives test liquid
3.1 Levelling agent: 25ML levelling agent and 250ML water, fully diluted and stirred, labeled for later use, and closed the jar cap.
3.2 Glacial acetic acid: glacial acetipreparation翻译c acid is maribbons怎么读inly used for the synthesis of vinyl acetate, acetate fiber, acetic anhydride, acetate, metal acetate and haprocess什么意思中文logenatedraw和jpg有什么区别 acetiribbonsc acid. It is also an importantraw格式怎么打开 raw material for pharmaceuticpreparation可数吗al, dyestuff, pesticide and other ormaterials期刊ganic synthesis. In additioraw格式怎么转换jpgn, it also has a widematerials characterization range of applications in photographic pharmaceutical manufacturing, cellulose acetate, textile printing and dyeing andribbon怎么读音 rubber idyeing英文ndustry, manpreparationsufacturing of plastics, dyes, solvents, photpreparation可数吗ography, medicine, pesticides and other raw materials for ordyeing读音ganic synthesis.
4. Cut the ribbon
4.1 The batch number of thematerialshade green ribbon shall be indicated when cuttingribbon负载均衡策略 the green ribbraw格式是什么意思on to ensure the consistency with the green ribbon dpreparations怎么读uring dyeing onribbon和feign区别 site.
4.2 Green beltpreparation怎么读 sample weighprocession是什么意思ing: use electronic scale to weigdyeing是什么意思中文h, each green belt sample is 6g.
4.3 Determine the basic formula: find the similar color fopreparation是可数名词吗rmula with the original vdyeing读音ersion, make appropriate modifidyeing翻译cations, as the basic formaterials lettersmula for plate matching.
The above content for ribbon dye matching promaterials是什么意思cess, to make a full range of preparation forribbon怎么读 ribpreparation什么意思bon dyeing.
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