Five common textile ribbon knowledge

I. Shoulder webbing:
1) According to the material: nylon/Tedoron /PP/ acrylic/cotton
Nylon and PP ribbon distinction: general nylon ribbon is woven after dyeing, so cut yarn color due to uneven dyeing will be white the color of the yarn, and PP ribbon is dyed yarn first and then woven, so there will be no yfive的音标arn into white phenomenon; In contrast, nylon ribbonknowledge is more shiny and softer than PP rcommonibbon. Chemical reactions by combustion are also distinguishable; General nylon ribbon price hightextile planter than PP ribbon
Tedoron ribbon iknowledge可数吗s soft and mfiverr安卓下载atte
Acrylic ribbon is made of tetoron and cotton
Cotton belts are generally more expensive
2) according to the weaving method: plain weave/small ripple/twill/safety ribbon/pit weave/bead weave/jacquard PP ribbon according to the thickness of its yarn can be divided into 900D/1200D/1600D; At the same time, we should pay attention to the thicknesribbon负载均衡策略s ofive的序数词f the ribbon, the thickcommonnessness also determine its unit price and toughness
3) according to the specification points: 10 mm / 12 mm, 15 mm / 20 mm / 25 mm / 30 mm / 3textile什么意思中文2 mm / / 50 mm and 38 mm
Ii. Wrapping sidcommonwealtheband:commonly的意思
1) According to the material: nylon/Tedoron /PP/ Lycra, etc
Nylon bag edge belt is used more, generallytextile读音 used for inneribbon和feign区别r edge, thicktextile词根ened nylon bag edge belt for outer edge, not easy to wrinkle
Teduo dragon bag edge band is soft, and the priceknowledge可数吗 istextile什么意思中文 higher than nylon, mostly used for soft clcommonly的意思oth edge
PP pcommonly的意思lain ribbon is used for the edge of large bags, such as wave board bags
Lycra bags are expensive, soft and shiny, and are often used in boutique bags such as GOLF club covers
2) According to the grain: plain/herringbone pattern, etc
Herringbone bag side belt uses nylon and PP, nylon herringbone belt is more expensive, and the shrinkage is larger, in
When calculating maknowledge造句简单并翻译teriknowledgeablealribbon怎么读音s, we need to pay attention to the wide P word belt is now more on the markribbon怎么读音et, used for outsourcing edge
Three. Elastic band:
1) The commonly used elastic band is a strong elastic band, which can be used for pen insert/wrapping edge, etc. The folded elastic band is more beautiful for wrapping edge, which is mostly used by Japanese cuknowledgeablestomers
2ribbons) Elastic and medical elastic/knittinknowledge的形容词g elastic, etc
Four, stick buckle belt (Velcro):
B, surface viscosity cingulate (hook face and hairribbons side), the specifications of the manufacturer hastextiles什么意思中文 16 mm / 20 mm / 25 mm / 38 mm / 50 mm / 100 mm, on the basis of no
The same function, adhesive buckribbons什么意思中文le belt can be special processing, such as sulfur resistance/phenolic yellow resistance/fire belt/CT glue
/ no fuzz/soft hook/high frequency with adhesive buckle belt/self-adhesive buckle beribbons怎么读lt, etc
Five, line class:
1) The classification of line, line is generally dividedknowledge的形容词 into 0#/10#/30#/40#, various, inccommon怎么读luding nylon line/polyester line/bundy line/cotton yarn line/mark line/transparent fishing line, etc
2) specknowledge的形容词ial lines have wax line/waterproof line, etc., while the general nylon lineribbon怎么读音 will be oiled, in the car some cloth (EMB cloth) need to use thribbon什么意思e oiled line, scommono as not to seep oil, causing the clknowledge翻译oth dirty; Use 40# thread for thinner fabrics, which do not wrinkle easiknowledge什么意思ly

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