Reflective material and reflective ribbon

Reflective materials that we usually say mainly include reflective film, reflective ink, reflective line paint, reflective cloth, reflective leather, reflective ribbon, reflective safety silk fabrics. Reflective materials can reflect light, mainly because mostreflective什么意思中文 of the reflective mribbon怎么读aterials contain a high refractive index glass beads. Just because of its existence, the incident liribbons什么意思中文ght is reflected back to the light source according to the original path, forming a regression reflection phenomenomaterials是什么意思n. Because it reflects alribbon什么意思most all thribbone light breflective吉他谱ack at a very narrowmaterial是什么意思中文 Angle, it is much brighter than ordinary objects.
Reflective ribbon is a kind of rematerial是什么意思中文flective material in a smaterial可数还是不可数pecial ribbon products used in clothing accessories, it is also ribbon manufacturers to further develop the accessories market, from the perspective of safety reseribbon和feign区别arch anreflective ofd development of new ribbon series products. Reflective ribbon is a special term in the ribbon business, followed by reflective ribbon is a kind of reflective material, mainly used for oribbon什么意思utdoor safety operations, traffic safety unifomaterial是什么意思中文rms, especially for the night of the personnribbon负载均衡策略elribbon怎么读 to putmaterial什么意思 forward warning materials.

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