A belt made of wide webbing

Ribbon to do clothing decoration belt is not surprising, the recent stage to see a netizen said that some belt decoration will fade, there is no better quality products? So imkgift ribbon xiaobian to say here, ribbon will fade is certainly unquwider是什么意思中文alified test products. Dear, if you want to buy good quality, affordable productwidens really very few.
Quality priority ribbon is mainlweb宾格y used in high-grade clothing above
Why empbelton钢琴hasize “high-grade” here, we can imaginweb宾格e that high-grade clothing is generally several times or even dozens of times higher than ordinary clbelt怎么读othing pricewidespread, why are some clothes even the same style, the price is so high.
The fabric is everything马德华
First of all, it is the fabric obelt是什么意思英语f cbelts是什么意思中文lothes. If you want to ensure that the product is excellent, the requirements for fabric products must be very good. And high-grbelts是什么意思中文ade clothwide是什么意思ing cutting technology is also quite exquisite, a few hundred pieces of clothing, cweb宾格ompared with a few dozen pieces of clothing, you can hardly see what the thread on top of expensive clothes, this isbelt怎么读 also one of the reasons for expensive.
Secondly, it is the accbelt音标essories of clothing decoration, no matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, especially in summer, the gobeltsddesses’ favorite skirts are all kinds of belts for decoration in twidelyhe labeltast two years and sell the wholwide怎么读e clothin马德里g industry. If a ribbon or rimadebbon made between 30 and 45mm fades easily, then a good piece of clothing is ruined.
What is said herewebbing翻译 is the color fastness of the ribbon
For auxiliary products – ribwidelybon color fastness (professional term, that is, clothing auxiliary products do not fade the main reason), the state has strict plaintext specifications wash妈的笔顺ing, d马德里ry wipe, wet wipe, insolatiobeltwayn and so on must reach a certain standard requirements is qualified products.
Belts are usually made of metal or leather, but now they are mostly ribbon bows or po马德里竞技lyester ribbons with patterned patterns.
If you really want to ask whether the ribbon is used in the belt, xiaobian here to teach you a trick is to buy a piece of such clothes, the waist in the wall a few times, if there is no clear color phenomenon, then it means that this dress isbelton钢琴 good. The level of ribbon also pass.
Detailed explanation of dyeiweb并发测试ng process of ribbon decorative ribbon products
A brief introduction of embroidery belt for ribbon decoration

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