Premium luggage belt

Premium luggage belt

Premium luggage belt

Premium luggage belt

Premium luggage belt

Let me introduce you to anti-staticThe wrist bandAlarm function

Antistatic wrist strap alarm function, Shenpremium公司zhen Haiweida Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the pluggagecompopen翻译中文roduction of antistatic wristluggagecompopen福特车上显示 strap alarm, it is mainly to monitor the staffpremium公司 wpremium苹果ith wrist strap alluggage和baggage的区别ways wopremium翻译rking state, continuous monitoring of the wrist strap. It is mainly affected by the size of the staff’s own body resistance and the working environment (anti-static floor, anti-static electrician shoes, clothing,belta cushion, chair, etc.) electrostaticpremiumbeat protecbeltstion measures, to adjust the fine tuning to make it work noluggagecompopenrmally.

A tow and an alarm.

The minimum measurebelt翻译ment resistance of the esd wrist strapluggagecompopen alarm is 800K10% ohm. Detection method is: the online monitor display instrument of fine-tuning to * right, then good ground wire and power supply, the red lbeltwayight flashing, and is accompanied by the alapremium苹果rm, with adjpremiumcontact马牌轮胎ustable resistance measuremebelt翻译nt indicator of ground wire are connected at one end, and the other end connected to the wrist with jack, thbelt怎么读en slowly slide rbelton钢琴egulator, make its red light green light, alarmpremiumcontact马牌轮胎 disappear, then the resulting resistance for on-lpremiumcontact马牌轮胎ine monitoring indicator * smbelt怎么读all range.

One tow and two alarms

Esd wrist strapbeltway alarm the maxiluggage是可数名词吗mum measured resistance is 2Mbelts是什么意思中文. Do not insert thbeltinge wrisbeltingt strap, directly connect the ground cable, adjust tbelt怎么读he fine tuning tpremium是什么牌子酒o the left, when the air shows the green light can not bluggage怎么读e consbelt是什么意思英语idered, because the boluggagecompopendy’spremium是什么意思 own body resistance impedance is abpremium翻译out 1M, the impedance of the wrist strap is 1M5%, the impedance brought by other electrostatic measures will not be greater than 1beltM.

Under normal working conditions, the staff wepremiumquality是什么意思ar a good wrist to adjust the fine adjubeltstment, adjust the fine adjustmenpremiumquality是什么意思t when thbelton钢琴e cbelt翻译ritical point frbelting唱法om the red light to the green light, the adjustment is completed.

If there is a problem with this instrument, the fine adjustment will be out of control and wluggage怎么读ill not work normally.

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