Luggage belt

Professional luggage belt

Professional luggage belt

Professional luggage belt

Professional luggage belt

professionalLuggage belt

Wrist strap manufacturerShow you how it works and how it works

Human skin andThe wrist baluggage怎么读ndWhen the wrist strap is grounded, the static elebeltctricity generated by human movement is quickly released through the grounding system to effectively eliminate static electrluggage是可数名词吗icity, abelt怎么读nd achieve the ultimatbelt怎么读e purpose of statibeltac discharge (static voltage balancebelt怎么读). The wrist strap is composed of elastic bracelet or Velcro ring, metal ring, ruluggage和suitcase的区别bber ring, with slingshot line, crocluggagecompopenodile clip. It has high dispersion speedbelting (S< 0.1s), durable (beltsslingshot line can resist bending 30,000 times), safe (built in 1M power limiting resistance), can be repeatedly cleaned and other features.

Slingshot line length caluggage和baggage的区别n be customized according to customer requirements, commonly usedluggagecompopen翻译中文 specifications are 6 feet (1.83M), 8 feet (2.luggage是可数名词吗44M), 10 feet (3.048), 12 febelton钢琴et (luggage3.658M).

(1) It can be used as a resulluggage是可数名词吗t of improper contact of high stbelt翻译atic power supply, resulting in the instant introduction of a large amount of staluggage和baggage的区别tic charge. When the ionluggagecompopen翻译中文 neutralization is not completed, it can provide ibelton钢琴on neutralization with the external air and wateluggage什么意思r molecules of the screw (Corona discharge effect), so that the static eluggage翻译lectricity can be effectivelluggagey eliminated, abelt是什么意思英语nd achieve the ultimate goal of static discharge (static voltage balance)

(2) Thibelts screw can be used for potential retbeltsurn to zero function (just touch the screw to ground),

(3) Can be used as loop detection terminal.

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