About wrist strap material knowledge, how much do you know about you?

    With the development of industry, there are more and more materials that can be woven into the lanyard. From the natural fiber in the past to the rich chemical fiber in the back, it can be used as the material of the lanyard, greatly enriching the market of the lanyard ahow怎么读nd facilitatstrapon是什么意思啊ing people’s life.Wrist strap manhow是什么意思ufacturertheThe wrist bandThe materaboutblank网站名ial of conventional:knowledgeable nylon/Teduo dragon /PP PP/acrylic/cotton/polyester/shallots/spandex/light silk/rayon etc.. Now let’s talk about the raw material characteristics of the following wrknow怎么读英语语音ist strap materials in detail:knows


    Composition: PP colloidal +PE colloidal + masterbatch (raw materials mainly from Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and South Africa and other places) * Fknowingrom coarse toknowledge可数吗 fine: 1200D, 1000D, 900D, 6strapped00D抖音极速版, 300D The pricwristband是什么意思中文e of 900D,600D and 300D * colored yarn is higher than that of bstrapon三人lack yarn. P7390 uses 900D y暮春arn.

    PP ribbon uses: generally used without involving safety requirements, handbag consumptionmuch什么意思 is large texture: slightly harder than nylon yarn physical property: softness is worse than nylon yarn strength:牧尘鸿钧 nylon yarmaterial什么意思n is worse than dyeing: before dyeinhow和what引导的感叹句的区别g (before forming) pigment destructive: by sunlight erosion and natural decomposition characteristics: self-decay, environmenmaterial可数还是不可数tal protection cutting material.


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    From coarse to fine in the production of nylon tape mwristaterial * : 1260 d, 840 d, 630 d, 420 dstrapped, 390 d, 210 d, 840 d is commonly used N75斗罗大陆62 with 390 d of the yarn. Nylon ribbon use: generallymuch什么意思 usehow是什么意思d for involving safety reqhow是什么意思uireme东方财富网nts, such as general swrists是什么意思中文afety belt texture: soft and the same physical property of the dragon yar慕初晨夜君昊n: good sofmuchtnwristies什么意思ess.

    Strength: lower than teduo dragon yarn,斗破苍穹 higher than PP yarn, Teduo yarn, acrylic yarn, pure cotton yarn dyeing: after dyeing (water dyeing), normal t牧尘鸿钧emperature dyeing abouknowledge什么意思t 80-100 degstrap是什么意思中文rees destructive: not by sustraponjanenlight erosion, butknow怎么读英语语音 will be eroded by hydrochloric acid characteristics: high wear resistance and tensile force.

    Small hang rope actually need a lot of working procedure, when people in making documestrapon女王nts hang rope first thing is tabout是介词吗o choose material, generally make hang rope material with nylon, pp, pet, high elastic cwristbandotton, and they also hhowlave many different specifications, and then in the choice of its accessories, general common accessories has a metal hook, and certistrap-onficates,materials翻译 etc., Plastic aircraft buckle, buckle, safety buckle and so on.

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