With the advancement of technology and the development of technical wrist bands

  With the development of science and technology, the electronic industry has putdevelopment影响因子 forward higher and higher requirements for ESD protection. From thedevelopment怎么读 technical level, electronic components continue to light, thin, short, small, high density,technical什么意思中文 multi-functtechnology怎么读ional development; Especially for microelectronic devicdevelopmentales, COMS IC subdevelopment是什么意思中文翻译-meter micwrist怎么读ron gate has entered into practical use. The width of the gate is only 0.18 micrtechnical怎么读音on, the thbandsman字符是什么意思ickness of the oxideadvancement什么意思中文 film is severatechnologyl nanometers or several AO, and the breakdown electron is less than 20V. These changes make electronic components more sensitivadvancement怎么读e to static electricity. At the same time, in the manufatechnical翻译cturing and appadvancementslication environment of electronic components, various podevelopmentlymer materials are widely used as the source of static electricity, which makes the generation of static electricity more easy and rampant. Therefore, electrostatitechnical是什么意思c protection tecwrist是什么意思hnology in electronic manufacturing control is more and mdevelopment翻译ore important, but also put forward higher requirements for eledevelopment是什么意思中文ctrostdevelopment什么意思atic protection technology itsbands什么意思elf.

    anti-staticThe wrist bandAs an effective and practical eadvancement的动词quipment for human body electdevelopment是什么意思中文rostatic protection, I will not repbandsman是什么意思eat its importance and universality. Here, I will analyze the pbandsman是什么意思roduct defects caused by material, cost, technology and other reasons in the exitechnology和techniquesting wrist strap with yoadvancements什么意思u.

    Wrist strap is mdevelopmentalainlytechnical information蓝屏 composed of wrist ring and wire assembly. The wrist ring consists of a plastic lining that connecttechnical information蓝屏s the elastadvancementsic bawrist是什么意思nd and the metal coldevelopment影响因子lecting piece through riveting to form a whole. It is worn on the wrist and connectedbandsman字符是什么意思 with the wire parts, and then connected with the grounding system to form the groundintechnicalg leakage channel to remove the static electricity generated by the human body in the production process. As we know, the human body is one of the major sourcadvancement是什么意思翻译es of static electricity in the production process, and the wrist strap, as hutechnicalman protective equipment, inevitably has to contactdevelopment and friction with other devices and objects, foradvancement怎么读ming a new source of static electechnology什么意思中文tricittechnical怎么读音y. How to avdevelopment翻译oid and eliminate this harmful source is the focus of our discussion.

Wrist strap manufacturers

    Wrist strap and human body contact closely part is wrist ring. The wrist ring is composed of three parts: plastic lining, metal collecting sheet and anti-static rubber band. Thbands什么意思e metal shwristeet and anti-statiband是什么意思中文翻译c rubber band will not generate or gtechnology和techniqueather staticband是什么意思车上的 electricity due tbandsman是什么意思o the particularity of their materials. Onbandsman是什么意思ly rubber sheet, mainly by PP, nylon, ABwristwatchS and other polymer matetechnicalrials injection molding, eadvancements什么意思specially ABS, because of good plasticity, high strengband是什么按键th, easy coloring, widely used. But due to their high polymer and insulation, wear in the human body’s wrist, easy to produce and offertechnical怎么读音 static charges, through the experiment testing, in general friction voltagwristye in 300-2000 v or higher, in the north is dry in winter, sometimes reach more than 15000 v, this creates a new hazard, to eliwristiesminate this kind of harm, we can be imprtechnical怎么读音oved in videvelopment是什么意思中文翻译ew of the plastic liner, In these polymer substrates to add some high and new antistatic additives, broken its polymer structure, improve its resistivity and surface density so that it formwrist是什么意思s a layer of outer surface. Memadvancementsbrane & quot; , redudevelopment怎么读ce the generation of relative friction, so as to eliminate static electritechnical怎么读city accumulation and reduce static elebandsman是什么意思ctricity generation. Through practice, we have developed this material that keeps the friction voltagetechnology和technique below 10V, which greatly improves the suitability and reliability of thtechnicale wrist strap.

&nbwristies什么意思sp;     " The healer’s heart “; . As practitioners of ESD protection technology, we should provide professional productstechnical什么意思中文 with professionaband是什么按键l quality and responsible professioadvancement是什么意思翻译nal ethics, and effectively solve these decisive problems in the electrontechnology是可数名词吗ic manufacturing procesbands什么意思s. In the anti-static consulwristband是什么意思中文ting network, call colleagues to pay attention to this iwristiesssue, promwristies什么意思ote the improvement and perfection of thiswristies什么意思 product together, and then promadvancement翻译ote the progress and developmenadvancements什么意思t of our inadvancement翻译dustry.

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