Let me introduce you to the functions of an esd wrist strap alarm

    anti-staticThe wrist bandAlarm function, Shenzhen Haiweida Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of anti-static wrist strap alarm, it is mainly to monitor the staff witwrist怎么读h wrist strap always working state, continuous monitoring of the wrist stlet‘srap. It is mainly affected by the size of the staff’s own body resistance and thstraponjanee working environment (anti-static floor, anti-static ealarmslectrician shoes, clothing, cushion, chair, etc.) electrostatic proalarm是什么意思中文翻译tection measuintroduce的用法搭配res, to adalarm灯亮了咋回事just the fine tuning to make it work normally.

Wrist strap manufacturers

      One by one alarm

  &alarmsnbspwristies什么意思;   The minimum measurement resistance of the esd wrist strap alarm is 800K10% ohm. Detection method is: the online monitor display instrument of fine-tuning to * right, talarm灯亮了咋回事hen good ground wire aletnd power supply, the red liletstalkght flashing, and is accompanied by the alarm, with adjustable resistance measurement indicator of ground wire are connected at one end, and the other end connected to the wrist with jack, then slowly slide regulator, make its red light green light, alarm美元汇率 disappear, then the resulting resistance for on-lineintroduce翻译 monitointroduce什么意思中文ring indicator * small range.

      Onwristbande tow and two alarms

      Esd wrist swristiestrap alarintroduce名词m the maximum measured resistance is 2M. Do nointroduce是什么意思英语t insert the wrist strap, directly connect the ground cable, adjstrap是什么意思中文ust the fine tuning to the left, when the air shows the green ligwristwatchht can notletme be considered, becausalarminge the body’s oalarmedwn body resistance impedance is abfunction是什么意思啊out 1M, the impedance of the wletstalk聊天软件下载rist strap is 1M5%, the impedance brought by other electrostatic measures will not be grealetmedownslowlyter than 1M.

&nbspalarmy闹钟下载;     Under normal working conditions, thalarmye staff wear a galarm是什么意思中文翻译ood wrist to adjust the fine adjustment, adjust the fine adjuwrists是什么意思中文stment when the critical point from the美女 red light to the green light, the afunctionsdjustment is completed.

If there is a prowristiesblem with this ie是多少nstrument, the fine adjustmen美景之屋2t will be out of control anintroduce什么意思中文d will not work nowristwatchrmally.

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