What is heat transfer mobile phone lanyard? Why does mobile phone lanyard adopt thermal transfer printing technology?

  Mobile phone lanyard thermal transfer printing is a new method of printing patterns on various mawhatsapp下载terials of gooheatwavesds, especially suitable for making amobile的英语怎么读 small number of diversified personalized and customizedmobileprohubs美国官网 goods, as wwhatifell as printing patterns containing full color images ormobile怎么读 photos. Its principle is the digital pattern through the printewhatrdoes英语怎么读 to sptransferredecial heat transfetransferabler ink printing on the transfer paper, and thlanyard 翻译en with a special theathrowransfer machine, high temperature and high pressure to accurately transfer the pattern to the surfawhatce of the commodity, compledoes英语怎么读te the commodity printing.

    Mobile phone rope thermal transf往后余生er printing (thermal transfer printing ink)transferred is a new pwhat什么意思rinting process, introduced from abroatransfer翻译d only 10 years agphone系统o. Mobile phone hang rope the process printing mode is divi文豪野犬ded into two most printing and transfer printwhatsapp安卓下载安装ing film prwhat怎么读ocessing,mobileemumaster是什么文件 mobile phone hang rope prlanyards什么意思inting USES the network printing, printing film pattern will be printed on thin fiwhatsapp安卓下载安装lm surface in advance, printing the dphones接口是什么意思esign level of rich, colourful, go,adoptive small chromatism, good reprdoes是什么意思oducibility, can meet thtransfermarkte requirements of design patterns is effect, and is suitable for mass production.

Hang rope place

    The exquis蓝牙rdkite patterns on the transfer film are transferred to the smobileprohubs美国官网urface of the product through a he蓝牙rdaat transfer machine (heatingadopt香水 and pressurizing). After forming, the ink layer andmobile吉祥cn thtransferablee surface of the product are dissolved int武汉疫情o one, which iadopts realistic and beautlanyard photo翻译iful, greatly improving the grade of the product. However, as a result of mobile phone rheatwavesope technology content iadoptions higher, many mattransfererials need to be importdoes的过去式ed.

    Digital printing is a better technology than mobile phone lanyard thermal transfer.

    Digital fast printing itransferrings a system engineeadoption翻译ring, involving CAD technology, network communication technolheaterogy, precision machining technologyphone是什么意思中文翻译成为 and fine chemical technology and other cutting-edge technology, is the product of information technology and machinery, textile and chemical industry and other武汉疫情 traditional technology integrationadopt.

    &nbheatsinksp; Traditional printing is inseparable from the use of flat screen, circular screen, but the cost and time consumed by plate making, in any case, can not meet the trend of small batch, multi-variety of modertransferredn printing, so the development of platellanyard 是什么意思ess, pressure ftransferwiseree digital printing. The basic principle isheat空调上是什么意思 the same as the inkjet printer.

&nbheathrowsp;     Because of the amount of computing and control involved in mobile phone lanyard digital printing, it can bheathrowe said that digital jet printing would not be possitransfer是什么意思ble witlanyard photo翻译hout today’s high-speed computers.transfer At present, the development of digital jet printing technology of mobile phone lanyard iwhatsapps basically synchronized wimobileclientgwth the working capwhyacity of computers, and the development of comphonemesputer technology has not been any sign of weakening, with the development of computer technology can be expected to have a rapid development of digital printing technology in the futurewhatsapp安卓下载安装. At the same time, the manufacturing technology of the nozzle also benefits from the related technodoes怎么读logy oftransfer是什么意思 intlanyard海词egrated circuit, such as etching, prmobileemumaster是什么文件ecision assembly and so on. This is evidenced by the constant emergence of mmobile吉祥cnoderphonetics是什么意思n high-fredoes怎么读quency, multi-nozzle nozzles.

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