What is the composition of the wrist strap worn in general

  ESDThe wrist bandIt is a device which is worn on the wrist of human body to release the accumulated electrostawristwatchtic charge of human body. It is divided into linear, linear, metal ring and elastic conductive wire mixed rigenerally翻译ng, spring grounding wire can be more than 30000 times around the test doeswristband nwhat是什么意思翻译ot break. ESD wrist strap buckle adjustablcomposition怎么读e linear, can effectively protect the zero resistance parts from electrostaticcomposition怎么读 interferewristies什么意思nce, to release human staticomposition是什么意思中文c electricity. The inner layer of the elastic band igeneral什么意思中文s woven with anticomposition是什么意思中文-static yarn and the owrists是什么意思中文uterwrist怎么读 layer is woven with oworn是什么意思rdinary yarn. EScompositionD wrist strap uses the wrist strap and grocomposition作文unding cable to conduct the static electricity of the human body to the grworng的意思ound. Use the wrist strap in contactgenerally with your skin and ensure that the grounding cable is direstrappedctly grounwristyded focomposition怎么读r maximum effectiveness.

      ESD wrist strap composition : 

      1, rolling line: high elasticity anti-swing, color blue;  

      2, crocodile clip: stainless steel movable clip;

     strap是什么意思中文 3, conductive gauze: fine conductive yarn woven, white yarn.

Wrist strap manufacturers

   whatsapp Features :ESD Wrstrapiswrist是什么意思t strap Effectively releases the static electricity of the human bgeneral什么意思中文ody through grounding, preventing the product from being struck by static electricity. Generally, an ESD wrist strap needs to be connected to a grounding socket. One grounding socket can be connected to two wrist straps.wristband  

      Scope of application :ESD wrist strap can be used in electronics factory, medicineworn怎么读, aerospastrap怎么读ce,compositions什么意思 precision machinery, etc.

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