State the use and features of the luggage belt

    Wrist strap manufacturerHome weaving is for everyone to produceLuggage beltThe advantages of the features andused some basic parameter specifications. As we all know, in today’s society, with the rapid pace of life, we may need to pack our luggage quifeatures是什么牌子ckly due to the neluggage和suitcase的区别eds of refeatures什么意思中文al life or work. Therefore, quick packing has become a course we have to learn. So how can you pack your luggage faster? The accessory luggage belt is.

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    Lugfeatures是什么意思中文翻译gage belt is a new envirluggagecompopen福克斯onmentbelting唱法al protection packaging material instead of steel belt, polypropylene packing belt and othusername什么意思中文er binding materials, mainly uluggage什么意思sed for all kinds of articles binding packaging. Features of luggage belt:

1. Ebelting唱法xcellent tensile stability

2. Long-term tensile strength

3. Reduce tuserhe looseness of the tape to minimization

4. Excstatement什么意思中文ellent tensile strength and bonding strength: therefore, it can beluggage怎么读 applied to many hstatereavy packaging

5. Super tenbelt是什么意思英语sile stability: it can stabilize the long-termstate是什么意思 tensile force, reduceluggage什么意思 thbelts是什么意思中文e looseness of the belt to small, to ensure the impact resistance of long time and long-distance trfeatures是什么意思英语ansportationluggagecompopen.

6. Good corrosion resistancstatede and chemical resistancbelt怎么读e: so the packaging belt can directly package the puse怎么读roduct without damage and corrosion

7. Compared with other probeltsducts: Packing belt looks beautiful because it can be made into different colors and has good transparency. It can also be rluggage翻译ecycled, it is aluggage和baggage的区别n environmentally friefeatures是什么意思中文翻译ndly packaging material.


    The wrist bandThe luggage belt of the manufstatement翻译acturer is made of white natural rubber or blackstate是什么意思 ordinary rubber, and the external is woven with polypropylene silk, which has the advantages of wear resistance, strength and gluggagecompopen福克斯ood elasticity. This kind of product is widely used for tying luggage orfeatures翻译 goods such as lugstates怎么读gage cart, battery cart and bicycle.

&luggagecompopen福克斯nbsp;   The main function of the luggage belt is to tie up the luggage, put thefeatures是什么意思英语 luggage in the place of the medicine belt, then clip the tools, tighten the luggage belt, and then cut the belt in two overlapping places to put on the irofeaturesn belt to overlap in the iron belt, and then use the clip to clip the iron jacket flat. It is muluggage和suitcase的区别ch euserasier to use the machine, which not only ensures that our luggage is not easy to get lost, but also brings us great convenience.

    Basic parameteluggagecompopen福克斯rs and specifications offeatures什么意思中文 luggage belt:state是什么意思

    (1) Material of luggage belt: Polyester, spun nylon, nylstate是什么意思on;

    (2) Printing process: heat transfluggage怎么读英语er printing, silk screen printbelting;

  &nbspfeature是什么意思翻译; (3) Speciluggage怎么读fications: Optional width: 30MM 35MM 40MM 50MM lestatength: 1500MM 1800MM 2000MM. Thicknessfeatures怎么读英语: 1.5mm 2.0mm Other specifications can be customized.

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