Wrist strap manufacturers teach you how to identify the positive and negative wrist strap

forWrist strap manufacturerIt is easy to distinguish between the front and back of the webbing, but for somemanufacturers翻译 people who have not been exposed to it, the front and back of the webbing still require some time and skill. Todamanufacturers翻译y’s wristband makers will teach you howhowareyou是什么意思中文 to tell the difference between front awrist是什么意思nd back of a ribbon;

The wrist bandThe positive and neteachinggative side of the manufacturer can be identified according to the pattern of the ribbon, the positive side of the pattern is clear and cleaidentify用法n, tstrapon是什么意思啊he pattern lines are obvious, twrist怎么读he hierarchy is distinct, and the color and lustre is bright and so on:

1. Generally, twristbandhe pattern on the front of the ribbon is clear and behow的用法autiful than that on the back.

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2. The front pattern of plants and color patterns with special view must bewristy clear and pleasing to tmanufacturer什么意思中文he eye.wrist怎么读 This pattern is espestraponjanecially noticeable when weavipositivelyng jacquard ribbons.

3. Convex stripstrap是什么意思中文 and concave and convex fabric, the front side is close and fine, with strip or pattmanufacturerserned convex, and the back sidpositive怎么读e is rough, with a long float line.

4. Fuzz fabric: single-sided fuzz fabric, the fuzz surface is the front of the fabric. Forteachingfeeling冷狐版 double-sided pile fabrics, the pile should be smooth and neat, with thewrists是什么意思中文 neat side being the front.

5. Observe the edges of tpositivelyhe fabric: If the fabric has smooth edgesstrapping, the neat side is the front side of thewristies什么意思 fabric.

6wristband是什么意思中文. Double, multiply and multiply fabrics, if the warppositive怎么读 and wefteacher怎么读t density of thestrap front anmanufacturers翻译d back is different, usually thhow是什么意思e front side is denser or the material of the front side is better.

7. Leno fabric: the overhanging side of the warp has clear lines and is the front side of the fabric.

8. Towel ribbon: the side with high density of wool loop is the front side.

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