Color fastness test item of mobile phone lanyard manufacturer

There is no need to describe the use of mobile phone rope extensively here, I think we also have a clear understanding, color fastness mainly refmanufacturers什么意思中文ers to the rtestimonyesistance of the color of the rope to v蓝牙rdaarious functions in the planyard 翻译rocess of processing anitem是什么意思中文d use. Therelanyard海词fore, the detection of colphone怎么读or fastness has a great impact on quality.

Hang roplanyards什么意思e manufacturerThere are a number of test items for colour fastness to mobile phone lashes, including soap somobilephonesystemlution (small samtestflight兑换码ple), chlorinated water, non-chlorine bmobile吉祥cnleach, dry cleaning and actual washing. (clothing, fabric), fastness to sweat, water, light, seamobile吉祥cn water, saliva. But morefastness什么意思 common and impitem翻译ortant are thcolorful是什么意思英语e followmanufacturereding three.

Hang rope manufacturer

1. Light fastness. When textiles are used, they arelanyard loop uphones接口是什么意思sutest是什么意思ally exposed to light, which can destroy the dyes and cause what itesters known as “fading”, causing coloredmobileemumaster是什么文件 textiles tfastness翻译o become discfastness 的英语解释olored, generally light and dark, and some of them to change color. Therefore, it ismanufacturered necessaryphonemes to test for color fastness. The blue wool standard cloth with different fastness grades was exposed to sunlight under specified conditiophoneticns. The blue wool standard cloth with different fastness grades was compared with titem0001he blue wool standard cloth to evaitems在python中是什么意思luate the lighmobilet fastness. The higher the bitem翻译lue woomanufacturer翻译l standard cloth witcolorful是什么意思英语h different fastness grades, the more light fastness the blue wool standard cloth was.

2. Color fastness to washing. The sample is sewn together with the standard stick lining fabric, washed, cleaned anfastness是什么意思中文d driephone怎么读语音d, and washed under suitable temperature, alkalinity, bleaching and friction conditions, so that the test remobilesults can be obtained in a short time. The fmanufacturers翻译riction is accomplished by rolling and impingement of a small bath ratio and an appropriate number of stainless steel beads, which are rated by gray cards anfastness怎么读d ocolor怎么读btained by test results. Different tfastness testest methods hav蓝牙rdae different temperature, alkalinity, bleamanufacturer是什么疫苗厂商ching antestingd friction conditions and sample sizes, dependintestflight兑换码g on test standards and customer requireme蓝牙rdknts. General washing color fastness is poomobile吉祥cnr blue, blue, black red, navy blue and so on.

3. Rubbing color fastness. Place the sample on the ritem0001ubbing fastness tester and rub it several timesphone with amobileemumaster是什么文件 standard rtest是什么意思ubbing white cloth under certain pressure. Each set of samples should be testlanyard海词ed focolorful是什么意思英语r dry rubbing fastness and wet rubbing fastness. Thefastness什么意思 color dyed on a standard friction white cloth is scored using a gray card, and the grade is the measured rubbing color fastnesstested. Rubbing colour fastness shoulmanufactureredd be tested onfastness什么意思 dry and wet rubbing. All colors on the sample must be wiped.

The phone cord can be used as an ornament or as an anti-theft accessory,manufacturer的动词形式 which has many functions.

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