Heat transfer printing lanyard colorful and ever-changing

In terms of the technical production process,Heat transfer printing lanyardThe manufacturer first pre-printsprinting翻译 the pattern on the surface of the film, and then presses the relevant LOGO oneverything the surface of the product through high temperature pressing. Afchanging是什么意思ter molding,蓝牙rdk ink layer and product surface integration together.

Usually, the content of the thermal transfer lanyard can be a product bheat空调上是什么意思rand, promotional slogan, slogan or logo, such as the name of a sporting event, concert, business event and party. Materials such as nylon, cotton, and bamboo fibers cannot withstand hievery怎么读gh temperatures and require speeveryone是单数还是复数cial and more expensive treatments to transfer heat to the lanyard.

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Thermal transfer printing lanyard features: thermal transfer priheatednting lanyard printed patterns rich levels, bright colors, kaleidoscopcolorful什么意思中文ic, can be multi-color printing, printing gradient color, upgrade the product grade, but LOGO without three-dimensional concave and convex, smooth aschangingroom a whole.

Thermal transferHatransferredng rope manufacturerIs in the design of the pattern, the production of copper plate, and then through the electrical engraving machinery to divide the color of the pattetransfer是什么意思rn carved in the copper plate. The copper plate is then taken to a printing press to print the patteeverrn oprintingdocument打印机错误提示n the PET film, whiclanyard海词h is then transferred to the product via a thermal transfer lalanyards什么意思nyard.

Heveryone是单数还是复数eat transfer lanyard lanyard is 2.0 cm widcolorful怎么读e. Some people who prefer a smaller size will use a size 1.5 centimeters wide. The gchangingroomirth of a common seat becolorful翻译lt is 90 cm (45 cm long when folded in half). The thtransfer和transform的区别ermal transfer lanyard peverywhereattern can be fully printed, i.e. the width of the thermaheatstrokel transfer lanylanyard loopard pattever什么意思ern can be the same as the width of the tape.

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