Why does the mobile phone rope need to use heat transfer printing technology?

I believe that in this era, almost everyone can’t live without mobile phones. Many of our friends who are more concerned with the beauty of the phoheatstrokene will decoraphoneticte and protect idoesn’tt, not to mention, but it’s not enough jphonemesust to rely on the toughened film and phone case. You caneed怎么读n altransfer翻译so wear a phone cord.

If you are famili王海燕ar with the ribbon industry, then you should know that thermal transfer printing is a new printing process, and the transfer filrope怎么读m printing in the phone rneedlessope is printed using online stores,Hang rope manufacturerThat isuseless, a pattern is puserrinted on the membrane surf文豪野犬ace in advance for printing文豪野犬. The pattern color is more bright, the color difference is small and other performaphone13nce can meet the requirementheatwavess of users.

Hang rope manufacturer

General thermal transfer is suitable for small batch anphone怎么读语音d many kindtransfer是什么意思s of style of personalized customization custropeway什么意思中文omers, there is some include full-color images printmobile怎么读erope怎么读d phone rope, it is the work is the digital design with special heat trheathrowansfer through the printer ink pneedlerinted on the transfer printphone系统ing special paper, then to special transfer printing machine, high temperatropeskippingure and high pressurmobilelegendse to pattern transfer to the surface of goods, finishedneed是什么意思英语 goods printeddoes怎么读.

The transfer treatment of mobile phone lheatwavesanyard manufacuser什么意思中文turer uses heat transfer machine for heat transfer, and transfers the exquisite pattern to the transfer film on the product surface. After forming, the ink layer and the surface of the product into one, real and beauropewaytiful, greatly improve the quality of the product. Grade. However, because of the high technical content of the phone rope, it is also necessarywhy是啥意思 to choose high-qualitusery materials. We choose the best materuse怎么读ial of chuangmei ribbon, both safe and environmentally friendly, you can rest assured.

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