One of the manufacturing technology of rope – thermal transfer printing technology

The lanyard everywhere in life is very simple, but not ordinary, low-key but no meritorioumanufacturing processs service. Have you ever wondertechnology和techniqueed wharope怎么读t kind of techprintingnoloprinting processgy they use? Let’s give a brief introductionHang rope manufacturerOne of these technologies – thetransferringrmal transfer printing technology.

Thermal transfer printing is designingthermalexpansion the pattern, making the ctechnology的形容词opper plate, then engraving the pattern on the copper plate through the electric engraving machine, then bringing the copper plate to the press, and then printing the pattertransfer翻译n on the PET filmrope怎么读英语. The pattern is ttransferredransferred to the product.transferwise Heat transfer is also divided into ordinary heat transfer and digital heat transfer.

Lanyard manufacturers digithermallytal heat transfer printing process is:

1. Makeropeway怎么读语音 high-rtechnology怎么读esolutithermal是什么意思中文on picturesropeway;

2. Print patterns on thermal transfer paper by thermal transfeprintingr printer;

3 wittransferringh hot stamping machine athermallynd other ordinary machinery can be printed on the pattern of goods.manufacturing是什么意思

The output of this method is relatively low, and a machine can only print thousands of items in a working day.

Production rope manufacturers

Common heat transfer process:

1. Make high-resolutiontechnology是可数名词吗 pictures;

2. According to the size of the picture, the production of poinmanufacturing date什么意思t gravure electroengraving boamanufacturingrd;

3. Install the gravure printirope翻译ng mtransferableachine on the printing machine and print it on PET polyester film, and then print it into heat transfer flower film;

4. Install heat transfer film on heat transfer hot stamping machine for printing.

A heat transfer hot stampingmanufacturing什么意思中文翻译 machine can prinprinting翻译t tens of thousands of products in one day’s working hours.

However, if itthermal是什么意思中文 is a latechnology是什么意思rge number of lanyard, becauprintingse the price is cheap and fast, so will choose ordinary heat transfer printing. However, some lanyards with memorable meaning or special purpose will use digital thermal transfer printing because they can be madetransfer into more delicate lanyards that can meet some higher requirements.

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