Quality indicators of mobile phone lanyard manufacturers

The phone lanyard is a very popular lanyard that has been around for years. At that time, mobile phones were not widespread, orquality变形 most people were just getting into them, and there was amanufacturers sense of slanyard loopuperiority about that kind of thing.

Therefore, people will have a lanyard to switch off the mobile phone in front of the chest, this situation may be a kind of following the trend, alanyards什么意思lways think that people hang a mobile phone is very great, so at that time the wholesaquality是什么品牌le business of mobile phone lanyard will be very good.

Brand phone lanyard manufacturers

However, with the popularization of mobile phones, people no longer feel that owning mobile phones is nothing to play, and no longer value the value of mobile phones, the corresponding wholesale business of mobile phone lanyard has been greatly affected.

In real life, color fquality是什么品牌astness is one of the important quality indicators of the roquality怎么读pe, mainly according to the end use of the product to determine which items to assess.

The so-called color fastness refers to the physical and chemical action of dyeing cord. The cphone怎么读olor fastness to perspirationindicators是什么意思中文, dry rubbing and soaking are the items required by the basic safety technical specificmanufacturers什么意思中文ations of mobile phone lashing rope. The degree of color fastness, that is, the color fastness of dyeilanyard photo翻译ng cord by exterlanyardhole是什么意思nal influence is called colanyardlor fastnquality翻译ess.

allHang rope manufacturerDyed textiles should bemobileclientgw assessed. Among various color fasquality翻译tness, the color fastnessphonetics是什么意思 commonly used in mobile phone lmobilelinkashes at present includes washing fastness, light fastness, friction fastness and sweat fastnmobilephonesystemess. According to the color changes of samples after the test, the evaluation grade of white cloth dyeing indicates colmobileor fastness, weather resistance and other items.

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