The dyeing process of ribbon manufacturers

Ribbon can be used as clothing accessories products, can also be used as textiles. There are two main methods of coloring webbing. One uses extensivribbon怎么读音e dyeing (conventional dyeing), which is mainly used tribbono treat the ribbon in a chemical dye solution. Another method is to use paint and make it into tinribbonsy, insoluble colored particles that adheremanufacturer 缩写 to the fabric (dyeing methods for fibrodyeingus materials are not listed here).Hang rope manufacturerThe following idyeing costs a brief introduction toprocessed the dyeing prdyeingocess of the ribbon.

Dye is a kind of complex organic matter, andmanufacturer是什么疫苗厂商 there are many kinds of it.

1, acid dyes, more suitable for protein fiber and nylon fiber and silk, etc. It is characterized by bright color, poor washing degree and excellent dry cleaning degree. It is widely used in natural dying dyeing.

Woven ribbon manufacturers

2, cationic dye (amanufacturers是什么意思lkaline fuel), suitable for acprocession翻译rylic fiber, polyester fiber, polyamide fribboniber and protein fiber. It is characterized by bright color, very suitable for adyeing是什么意思rtificial fiber, but used for natural cellulose and protein fabric washing and light resistance is very pooprocession是什么意思r.

3, direct dyribbon什么意思e, suitable for cellulose fibedyeing是什么意思中文r fabrics, washing fastness is poor, light resistance is not the same, but the modified direct dye washing chroma will bmanufacturers翻译e very good improvement.

4, disperse dyes, suitable for viscose, acrylic fiber, nylon, pdyeing原型olyester, etc., washing fastness is different, polyester is better, viscose is worse.

5, azo fuel (naftodyeing是什么意思中文l dye), sumanufacturers什么意思中文itable for cellumanufacturer什么意思中文lose fabrics, bright colorprocess翻译, more suitable for bright color.

6, reactive dyes, mostly used for cellulose fiber fabrics, less used for protein. It is characterized by bright color, light resistance, washing and good friction resistance.

7, vulcprocessoranized dye, suitable for cellulose fiber fabmanufacturers什么意思中文ric, color is gray, mainly nprocessavy blue, black and brown, light resistance, washing resistance, chlorine bleaching resistance is poor, long-term storamanufacturer是什么意思中文翻译ge will damagmanufacturer是什么意思e the fiber.

8, VAT dyes, suitable for cellulodyeing costse fiber fabrics, good lribbon怎么读ight resistance, good washing, and resistance to chlorine bleaching and other oxidation bleaching properties.

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