How to fix the color of wrist strap manufacturer

Wrist strap manufacturerDyeing is also an important part of the finished ribbon. Poor or good dyeing quality directly afcolorfects the quwristality of ribbon. The material of the ribbon is different, the dyeing method is also different. The wristband manufacturer introduces you to the dyeing method of the ribbon. What kind of ribbon is woven bestraponjanefore it is dyed? The dyeing process depends on the material:

Ribbon dyeing pmanufacturers是什么意思rocess relationship between the whole production process, dyeing process is the key ofwrist the ribbon appearance costrappedlor image, the ribbon dyeing basic process in accordance with the modern theoretical point of view, and dyes to dye fibers, and has certain fastness on fabric, because there is all sorts of gravity betcolorosween dyfixinge and fiber moleculecolorrushs, The dyeing princcoloros12iple and dyeing process of various dyes, due to the characteristics of dyes and fibers are very differcolor是什么意思翻译ent, can not be generalized, butstraponjane in testraprms of its dyeing process, canhowever be roughly divided into three basic stages.

Professional production of wrist strap

1. Adsorption. After the fiber is put into the dyeing bathwrist怎么读, the dye diffuses tcoloredo the surface of the fiber first, and then gradually transfers from the solutionstrap是什么意思中文 to thestrap怎么读 surfwristies什么意思ace of the fiber, which is called adsorption. Over time, the concentration of dye on the fiber gradually inccolorosreases, while the concentration of dye in the solution gradually decreasewristiess, and after a period of time, the state of equilibriuhowm is reached. Thefixture reverse process of adsorption is desorption. Adsorption and desorption exmanufactureriswrist是什么意思英语t simultaneously imanufacturer什么意思中文n the dyeing process.

2. Diffuwristbandsion, the dye adsorbed on the surface of the fiber diffuses into the fiber until the concentration of dye in each part of the fiber tends tfix字幕组o be the same. Because the concentration of dye adsorbed on the surface of the fiber is greater than that inside the fibewrist是什么意思r, the dye diffused from the fiber surface to tfixed什么意思he fiber interior.manufacturer翻译 At this point, the diffusion of dye breaks the initial adsorption equilibrium, the dye in the solution will continue to adsorb to the surface ocolor怎么读f the fibwrist怎么读er, adsorption and desorption again to balance.

3 fixation, is the process omanufacturers什么意思中文f the combination of dyes and fibers, with different dyes and fibefix的ing形式rs, its combination is also diffefix是什么意思renhow的用法t.

Dywrists是什么意思中文eing is an important process in ribbon production. Those cofixed什么意思lorful ribbon products in our life need to go through this step. The dyeing process of the ribbon is extremely temanufacturer中文chnical. In thiscolored process, it is easy to have color problems. If such problems cannot becolor solved, it can only be discarded, which means that all previous work has been lost, so we can imagine the importance of thihow是什么意思s step, the main steps of ribbon dyeing are: Washed before iwrist怎么读nto the zone, the second step, third step before drying, the fourth color slot, step 5wristy preliminary drying (infrared) to prevent color flower, step 6 higwristh tefixed什么意思mperature baking, color dye, whoweverash water cleaning (reductmanufacturer是什么意思ioncolorrush) after the seventhstrap-on redundant color, has also made redundant dye molecules are decompstraposed, after drying, the eighth ribbohow的用法n drying after washing, dyeing with complete ribmanufacturer的动词形式bon.

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