Concepts and differences between NFC and RFID

RFID is actually what we commonly call RFID technology, it can also be called RFID, it is a communication technology, bunfct by using radiconcepts是什么意思o signals to idbetween的英语怎么读啊entify spedifferencescific targets, you can read the relevant data information. NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology. It is a non-contact identification and intercconcepts怎么读onnection technology that can carry out short-difference是什么意思中文range wireless communication between corfid属于物联网的什么层nsumer electrconcept是什么牌子onicsdifferences怎么读 and devices.

What’s the differencdifference什么时候用复数e between NFC and RFID?

RFID card is now made

NFC integrates contactless card readers, contactless cards and pointbetween音标-to-point functionnfc怎么用s inrfid属于物联网的什么层to a single chip, while RFID musbetween什么意思中文t bedifferences翻译 composed of readers and tags. RFID can only read and determine information, whinfc什么意思le NFC technology emphasizes information interaction.RFID card manufacturerSimply put, NFCbetween什么意思中文 is an evolutionary version of RFIbetweenD, where both parties can exchange informationdifference是可数名词吗 indifferences怎么读 close proximity. NFC phones have a brfid标签uilt-in NFC chip that formnfc手机有哪些s part of the RFID modulconcept什么意思e. It can be used as an Rrfid工作原理FID passive tag for payment, or as an RFID rebetween什么意思中文ader for data exchange and collection and data communication between NFC mobilbetween怎么读啊le phones.


Second, the transmission range of NFC is smaller than that of RFID. Theconcepts transmission range of RFID can reach several mbetween什么意思中文eters or even tens of meters. However, because of the unique signal attenuation technology, NFC has the characteristics of short drfid工作原理istance, high bconceptsandwidth and low energy consumption compared with RFID.


Third, the application direction infc功能怎么用s different. NFC is aimed morconcept什么意思e at communicating with consumer electronic devicesnfc功能是什么意思, wconcept是什么意思中文翻译hile active RFID infc是什么意思手机上的s better suited for long-distance identification. With the pconcept是什么牌子opularization of the Internet, as the most direct intellidifference是可数还是不可数genbetweent terminal of the Internet, the mobile phone is bound to cause a technological revolution. Just libetween造句ke bluetooth, USB, GPS and other standardnfc什么意思 features of the past, NFC willconcepts怎么读 become an important standarrfid属于物联网的什么层d featbetween是什么意思英语ure of the futuredifference是可数还是不可数 mobileconcepts是什么意思 phone. Through NFC technology, mobile payment, watching movies and taking the subway can be achieved and will play a bigger role in our daily life.


Fourbetween和among的区别是什么thly, NFC and RFID have different frequencybetween bands. NFC is limitrfided to the 13.56nfc是什么意思手机上的MHz band, while RFID band includes low, high and uHF frequencies. This difference is mainly due to the fact that in somebetween applications designed for cash payments and credit cards, other devices can also receive personal RFID information within the communication distanbetween怎么读啊lce of RFID. There are unsafe factors. The effective distance of NFC is about 10cm, so it has high security. RFID information can be read from a long distance if someconcepts spnfc功能是什么意思ecial signal acquisition equipment is used.

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