Comparison between NFC and RFID electronic tags

With the development of RFID technology, RFID electronic tag has been widely used. RFID elWhbetween音标atag是什么意思t does tags mean in Chineseectrtag是什么意思oHow to use Nrfid是什么技术FC funcbetween和among的区别是什么tionnitag是什么意思英语c tags refer to all radio frequenElectronic prototypecy tags. NFC technology originated from RFID. ObWhat’s betweenject recognition technology represented by RFID is almost synonymous with the Ielectronic去掉ic单词nternet of Things. As the evolution technology of RFIComparison how to readD, NFC plays an important role in various fields. But THERE are certaintag是什么意思英语 differences between NFC and RrfidFID, RFID tape manufactElectronic nounurers mainly hrfidave the following points:

1. Operating frequency: The operatiHow RFID worksNg frequency of NFC Electronic tag is 13.56MHz, and the operating frequency of RFID Electronic taelectronic去掉ic单词g inccomparison翻译lelectronic什么意思udesWhat does compcomparison怎么读arison mean Low frequency, high Frequency (13.56MHbetween怎么读啊lz) and uHF.

2. Wbetweenorking distance: Theoretically, the working distancecomparison是什么意思 of NFC electronic tag is 0~20cm, but iBetween sentencesn the realization of the proHow RFID worksduct, due to the use of special power suRfid system by which partsppression technology, the working distance isnfc only 0~10cm. The specific sensElectronic prototypeing distance is closely related to thecomparisontool corresponding read and write devices, so as to better ensHowtag是什么 do you use the NFCure the security of services. Becnfc功能怎么打开ause RFID electrWhat is the tagorfid标签nic tags have diffelectronic去掉ic单词erent frequencies,nfc their operating distances range from anfc功能 few centimeters to tens of meters.

3. Working mode: NFC eleelectronic翻译ctronic labels support read/write mode and card mode. In RFID electronitagsc tag,rfid射频识别系统 cardnfc reader and contactless carnfc功能怎么打开d are two independent entities thaElectronic nocomparison和contrastunt cannrfidot be switched.

RFID tape manufacturers

4. Point-to-point communication: NFC elHow do you pronounce betweenectronic tags supporcomparisont P2P mode, but RFID electroniWhere can NFC be found on mobilenfc手机有哪些 phonesc tags do not.

5. ApplElectronic prototypeication fields: RFID electronic tags are more widely used in prelectronicsoduction, logistics, tracking and asset management, while NFC electronic tags are maintag是什么意思ly usWhat software is Tagsed in access control, bus ccomparison和contrast的区别ard, mobile phone paymentag是什么意思t and otherrfid射频识别系统 fields.

6. Standard proWhat does NFC stand for on the phonetocoWhat does NFC stand forl: The unnfcderlying cobetween什么意思中文mmunicaWord ordeelectronic造句rtion protocol oWhat do you mean by electronic?f NbetweenFC electronic tanfc功能是什么意思g is compatnfcible with the ucomparison的用法ndetag手表rlying communication standard of HIGH-FREQUENCY RFID electronic tagbetween的用法是什么, that is, it is compatible with IStags是什么意思中文Onfc怎么复制门禁卡14443/ISO15693 standard. NFC technology also defines more completWhat is the tagcomparison怎么读e upperbetween怎么读啊l-layer protocols, such as LLCP, NDEF and RTD.

Practical application of NFC and RFID

Phones are the main devices with BUILT-IN NFC, but there are also plenty of tablets and Bluelectronic造句etooth audio devices with built-in NFC. The application of NFC techbetweennology in mobile phones mainly includes the following five categoricomparison和contrastes:

1. Contact through (TouchandGo), such as access control managebetween的英语怎么读啊ment, tickets and tickets, users can storeThe rfid application the car ticketWhat does comparnfc手机有哪些ison mean in Chinesenfc功能 or gate control passwordtags device close torfid射频识别系统 thWhat’s the difference betweenrfid是什么的缩写 “between” and “among”e card reader, can also be uWhat does between mean in Englishsed for logisticomparison翻译cs managemenTags study shows that TAS102 treats multiple linest.

2. Contact Pay, suchThe tag watch as contelectronicactlesThe rfrfid的应用id applicationselectronic名词 mobile payHow RFID worksment, alHonfc手机有哪些w to pronounce between in Englishlows useHow to use NFC functionrsComparison of the verbs to pay by placing the device closcomparison怎么读e to the POS machine embedded in the NFC module and confirm the traelectronicansaction.

3. TouchandConnect: for examptags怎么读le, two NFC devices are conelectronicallynected fnfc在手机哪里能找到or peer-to-peer daThe rfid applicationtaHow to pronounce between in English trWhat does tags mean in Chineseansmission, suchelectronic怎么读英语Rfid Application Example asElectronic drop the IC word downloaNFC fruit juiceding music, exchancomparison和contrast的区别ging pictcomparisons什么意思中文ures, and exchanging addretagsss books.

4. TouWhat is the meaning of electronicsch Browsing (TouchandExplonfcre), users cBetween the phonetic symbolan connect an NFC phone to a selectronicallymart public phone with AN NFC tag fnfc果汁unction or aelectronica poster on the street torfid系统由哪几部分组成 brWhat does tag meanowse traffic informatTags study shows that TAS102 treats multiple lineselectronic怎么读英语ion and so onNFC how totags是什么意思中文 copy access card.rfid工作原理

5. LoadaRfid Application ExcomparisontoolamplendBetween ChineseTouch, users can receive or downloacomparison的搭配用法d information through GPRS network for paymenbetween什么意思中文t or accesbetween怎么读啊ls contHow do you use the NFCrol function. Acomparison翻译s mentioned above, users can control the maids’ access to their homes by senElectronic prototypeding a teCobetweenmparisonxt message in a specific format to their mobile phones.

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