Common RFID tag antenna manufacturing process

In the process of wireless communication, the antenna is an essential part, and RFID is the use of radio waves to transmit information, and the generation and receprocessing编程语言ption of radio waves need to be achieved througcommon怎么读h the antenna. When the electronic tag enters the reader antenna’s working area, the electronic tag antenna will generate enough induced current to obtain themanufacturing是什么意思中文 energy to be activated.

For RFID system, antenna is the most impocommonplacertant part, it is closely related to the performrfid属于物联网的什么层ance of the system.

At present, accordingrfid是什么技术 to the diffmanufacturing processerences of antenna wirprocessor处理器e, material structure and manufacturing process, RFID tamanufacturing date什么意思g antennas can be roughly dividecommon是什么意思英语d into the following categories: etching antenna, printing antenna, winding antenna, addantenna翻译itmanufacturing procession antenna, ceramic a塔沟ntenna, etcmanufacturing date., RFID tape manufacturers commorfid是什么意思nly used antenna manufacturing process is the first three.

RFID tape manufacturers


Etching ista歌曲不是花火 also known as imprint etching. First, cover the base carrier with a layer of copper or aluminum about 20mm thick to make a screantenna接口是什么意思en printing plate of antprocessing编程语言enna positive, and print the resist by screen printing method. On the suprocessedrface of copper or aluminum, the underlying copper or aluminum is protected from corrosionrfid标签衣服要剪掉吗 and the rest is melted by a corrosive agent.

Howecommonlyver, because the etching process uses chemical corrosion reaction, there are pmanufacturing是什么意思中文roblems such as long process, much waste water and easy ttag是什么意思啊o pollute the environment. As a resantenna复数ult, thrfid应用e industry has been trying to find better altag是什么意思啊ternatives.

Printed antenna

Pprocess什么意思中文rint or print the antenna circuit directly on the substrate usingcommon special conducantenna翻译中文tive ink or silver paste. A more mature type踏歌广场舞 is gravure printing omanufacturing industryr screen printing. Screen printing saves costs to a certain extent, but its inta歌曲不是花火k uses about 70% of the high silver conductive silver paste tprocessing编程语言o oantenna公司btmanufacturing翻译ain anprocessor处理器tennas be塔沟武校tween 15 and 20um, which is a higmanufacturing怎么读h cost thick film printing methota歌曲不是花火d.


The antenna is wound with a coil

The manufacturing process of copper塔沟武校 wire winding RFID tag antenna icommonplaces usually completed by the arfid是什么技术utomatic winding machine, that is, the insulatin塔沟武校收费标准2021g paint is direcrfid标签tly wound on the base load film, and the copper wire with low melting point baking paint is used as the base material oprocession是什么意思f the RFID tag antenna, and finally the wire and the base plate are mechanically fixed with adhesive, and a certain number of turns are wound accmanufacturing unitording to differenrfid标签t frequencymanufacturing date什么意思 requirements.

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