Lanyard classification and how to wear mobile phone lanyard

What is the lanyard you often see in your life? Lanyards belong to the category of textile accessories.Hang rope manufacturerAccording to their length, they can be divided into long rope and hand rope, hand rope iswear的过去式和过去分词两种 tied in the hand, the length is generally between 12.5–18cm. The blanyard photo翻译racelet is generally used for USB disk, radio, MP4, flashlight, toys and so on. As the namehowareyou是什么意思中文 suggests, the rope is very long and can behow是什么意思 hung around the neck. The length of tmobileprohubs美国官网he lanyard is usually betwmobileprohubs美国官网een 40 and 45 centlanyard 翻译imeters. This kind of long lanyard is often used as certificate lanyard, label lanyard, exhibition lanyard, etc蓝牙rda. These items need to be hung around the neckphone系统, so we need to use the long lwearinganyard.

The lanyard is now made

Fclassification societyor custom long lanyard, you must first know the lanyard specification, that is, length and widclassification翻译th. Next is the material of the lanyard, then is what accessories to use, and finally is the need for printing. If you need to print the LOGO, you need to determine the LOGO pattern,蓝牙rdc color and other styles. Generally speaking, according to different materials can be divided into nylonhow怎么读 rope, cotton rope, polyester rope. Pp rope, etc.

The length of the short rope is usuallymobilelink fixed. This hang rope is usually used in some small things in life, such as mini speakeclassification是什么意思中文翻译rs, mobile phone, flashlight, ball-point pen and so on, these easy to lose, the above items are generally, tmobileclientgwhermobileemumaster是什么文件e is a hole for easy wear hang rope, so how to wear mobile phone hang rope, due to hang rope materiaphonel is soft, not through the holes, so can’t through the hanging rope alone, the top of the phone, There is a small hole in the top of the earpiecemobilelink, througclassification是什么意思中文翻译h which the thin side of the lanyard is threaded, and the widelanyard 翻译 end of the lanyard is threaded through the middle of the string, and then the lanyard is pulled tight enough to hang around your neck. If you can’t wear it, you can uslanyard 翻译e that kind of clothing to string thlanyards什么意思e hard plastic thread.lanyard 是什么意思 To do thiwearsmobile怎么读, lift the lanyard with the plastic cord (i.e. through the lanyard) and pull both ends of the plastic cord through the hole in thmobilelinke phone.

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