How to make silicone products longer service life

Silicone products are widely used in daily life. We see it in machine parts, household items and kitchen items. Silicone products and other materials, in t李锋张雪免费读he use of the process will inevit马可ably cause loss. There珑儿fore, in order to prolong the use time of these silica gel psilicone玻璃胶roducts, it is necesslonger是什么意思中文ary to do the daily cleaning and maintenanc李飞e of the pro马可duct. This article will give you some common ways to make your silicone products bright as new.

Silicone wrist strap

First, silicone龙二 productsThe wrist bandShould not be phow怎么读laced under strong lightserviceman for a long time, which will chanservice造句ge the structure of silica gel, silica gel appliances will therefore appear cracking, gradually hardenhow的用法ing, frac马克笔ture. So silicone products need to bsiliconexperte kept in a cool place with appropriate temperature.

In addition, if the silicone producsilicone怎么读ts are dirty in the process of use, you can wash them with clean water, and then wipe them dry with a cloth. If there are oil stains, glue, dust or dirt, weservice是什么故障灯 can wipe the surface of the articlelonger歌曲 with toothpaste aproducts怎么读nd wind oil essence, which can effectisilicone怎么读vely remove stai马可ns without residue. Or the use of alcohol, soap, can also have a significant effect, do not worry about discoloration, effectively prevent silicone prodhowareyou是什么意思中文ucts yellow and black. After cleaning, please wipe the items dry, keep in a dry and cool place, avoilifed exposure to the sun and lampblack environment.

At the same time, in daservice是什么意思ily use, do not use sharp objects to cut silica gel products, and do not press silica gel prodlife什么意思中文ucts ulonger歌曲nder heavy objects fosilicone意思r a long time, which is easy to cause bendinghowdy deformation. Pay attention to the clean environment, to avoid silica gel products adsorption dust.

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