Badge custom manufacturers: metal badge production process

Hardware badges are often used as special commemorative MEDALS and are characterized by roprocessundness and high-end, especially copper texture. The gold medallion is a quality product of badges and is usually issued in limited quantities for special commemoratibadger币ve events. Badges made of iron materials, thin appearance, fine workmanship, accurate color matching, brimetalsght surfacustom是什么意思ce, not easy to corrosion. Here we and badge manufacturermetal是什么意思s togemetal-archivesther to understandMetal badgeThe production process of.customizable

In the production process of metametalloidl badge manufacturers, every step is very important,custom是什么意思 such as drawing. Even simple lines are important. This was a step in badge production, and subsequent work was based on it. You even need to align the artwork. If these rows are lost and their successors cannot be found, they are all discarded. Special atproduction怎么读tention should be paid to the alproduction可数吗ignment of mold positionproduction教学环节 when stampiproduction教学环节ng. Polishing quality cannot be ignored. You have to tcustomer翻译hrow it until it fits. This is also important, especially the gilding. Time must be controlled during plating, otherwise chromaticproductions aberrations ccustomizablean easily occur. The next step is cobadge怎么读音loring, jubadge水龙头st like a human face. This is usually done manually and requires skilled staff. By manipulatingbadge中文意思 it, you can avoid color on some impurities, bottoming and other problems. Once the above process is complete, you can pack the badge. The specific process includes:

Badges manufacturer

1. Badge manufacturers: decustomersign badge drawings. If you wmetalingualant to generate 3D badge rendering, need 3DMax and other software supportBadge. The ability of a color sproductiondepartmentystem to better match colors and reduce chromatic aberraticustomizableons.

2, badgmetallice manufacturers: badge mold. Manuscripts designed on a computer were used tobadges remove the missing ccustom是什么意思olorsmetallic. The manuscript was made in corner color, exposing concave and convex mmetallurgyetal corners. Print on sulphate paper in a cbadger是什么意思啊ertainmanufacturers翻译 proportion with sensitizer, make engraving template with ink, and then use enprocess造句graving machine to carcustom可数吗ve the template. After the carviBadgeng is complete, the model needs to be heat treated to improve the hardness of the mold.

3, badge manufacturprocessing编程语言ers: suppression. The frequently heat treated badge die equipment is plbadge水龙头aced on the stamping bench andmetal the pattern is then transferrprocessioned to a differbadger是什么意思啊ent badge making material such abadge怎么读音s copper or iron plate.

4, badge manufacturer: punching material.production怎么读 Using a pre-made cutting die, squeeze the object according to its shape and press the object downward.

5. Badge manufacturer: polishing. Put the item with the knife die hole into the polishing mmetallicachine for polishing, tocustomize remove the burr of the hole and improve the brightness of the badge.

Badge manufacturer: welding badge accessories, welding the back of the product witmanufacturersh badge specifimetal是什么意思cabadger币tion accessories.

7. Electroplate and color the baprocess翻译dges. According to cuproduction什么意思中文stomer requirements, bcustomadges can be plated with gold, silver,processed nickel, copper, etc. , the badges are then tinted to complete the coloubadge中文意思r and baked at high temperatures to enhance colour fastness.

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