Dongguan ribbon to give you an understanding of jacquard dongguan ribbon weaving process

Imkgift Dongguan ribbon is a professional custom jacquard ribbon factory manufacturers. Jacquard ribbon is firsweaving kitt drawn by the comp东莞地铁uter, and then put into the computer jacquard program for dribbons怎么读ebugging and rjacquard的意思otation. Dongguan jacquard belt is divided ingive upto warp and weft, warp and weft by computegive的过去式r jacquard loom algive是什么意思ong the vertical direweaving canals翻译ction weaving; The filling yarnribbon什么意思 is woven horizontally along the Dongguan jacquard belt. Jacquard belt is a fashionable and trendy ribbon weavunderstanding什么意思中文翻译ing prweaving kitocess, beautiful, multi-woven flowers, bprocession是什么意思irds, fish, insects, birds and animals and other beautiful patterns of the THREE-DIMENSIONAL appearance. Jacquard brand, the logo is clearly visible, bright color, very grade, can improve the added value of products, but also enweaving kithance the brand image. Jacquard design fine, feel smoothunderstanding什么意思中文翻译, strong, weprocessingar resistant, good color fastness, never deformation. Jacquard pattern is relatively simple, relatively siribbonmple, and has a large amplitude and weft jacquard fine, color hierarchical three-dimensdongguanional pattern. Jacquard belts can also be divided into single-sided and double-sided jacquards,give w东莞职业技术学院ith single-sided jacquards only havingiveng the jacquard pattern on the front, but not on the other side. The double-sprocess什么意思中文ided jacquard is both a front and a back jacquard pattern, whicweaving 怎么读h is more beautiful and fashionable and highlights the dunderstanding造句esigner’s design philosophy. Cunderstanding怎么读lothing, footjacquard人名wear, high-grade luggage belts, belts, suspenders, gifts and otribbon负载均衡策略her industries widely used. Welcome new and old customers to visit the factory at any timeprocessor处理器, guidance, order, we will be exquisite production technology and sincere service, so that you enjoy the ordering experience at home.

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