Dongguan ribbon often mentioned “glycolysis” what is the meaning?

I believe we all know that the special treatment of Dongguan ribbon is washing, machine clea东莞农商行ning, dry cleaning, many东莞职业技术学院 people have never heard of glycolysis. Enzyme washioften是什么词性ng enzyme is a cellulase that dissolves fiber structure at a cmentioned翻译ertain pH value and temperatglycolysisure, gently fades fabric surfameaninglessce, removes hair (prodmeaningful的反义词uces “peachskin” effoften音标ect), and achieves long-lasting softness. It can be used in combination witwhat是什么意思翻译h owhatsapp安卓下载安装r in place of stonwhatif漫威在线观看e. If it is used in combination withmeaningful的反义词 stone, it is ofteoften后面动词什么形式n called enzyme washed stone. Usually 3-10 g/l. If pH and temperaturemeanings are too high, the enzymemeaningless翻译 will lose its activity, reducing the effect of glycolysis. In general,whatever thoftene pH value is 4.5-5 and the temperature is about 50℃. Enzyme is a celluloften音标ase that dissolves fibrous structuribbon什么意思reribbon负载均衡策略 at a certain PH and tempwhat怎么读erature, causioften是什么词性ng thwhatsapp安卓下载安装e surface of the fabric to fade more gently, fading (resulting in the “peachskin” effect), and achieving a long-ribbonlasting softness. It can be used in combination with or in place of stone. If it is used in combination with stoneoften的中文, it is often called enz东莞地铁yme washed stone. Biological enzyme desiziglycolysisng needs temperature as a condition, such asoften音标 in yeast, low temperature, poor effect,东莞市 long time, high temperature. Generally, the water temperature is 55-80℃ and the time is 10-20 minmeaning是什么意思英语utes. If lye is used,ribbon什么意思 it is best to wash it with clean waterribbons怎么读. Process formuloften后面动词什么形式a: after washing with desizingmentioned什么意思 enzyme/lye: 1.6/10, add w东莞地图ater, add fermentation and buffer solution, add buffer solution, reduce the infglycolysis翻译luence of enzyme, avoid pattern deviation. This toften怎么读语音ime, according towhat什么意思 the sample provided by the customer, the temperribbon什么意思ature will be 45-552 minutes to the plate. Process formula: Buffer: PH4.5-5often是什么词性.3 Feroften是什么意思英语mentation: 2-4, good effect, immediately empty and clean, cleaning the best to keep 40 degrees, speed up the cleaning, ensure clean. After washiwhateverng, aoften是什么意思英语dd soap powder, wash at 55℃ for 5 minutes, and then wash further. I’m sure you know something about gly东莞理工学院教务处colysis in tapestries. Thereribbons什么意思中文 are many types of enzymes, including cold water enzyme, hot water enzyme, laccase andoften怎么读语音 erosive enzyme. Please refer to the instrwhatsapp官方网下载uctions provmentioned怎么读英语ided bribbon负载均衡策略y the auxiliary manufacturer for the use of various enzymes. This imeaninglesss usually appropriate. Don’t blow it. Cold-water enzymes are usually applied at 30 degrees Celsius to makemeaning翻译 jeans pop; Hot water enzwhat怎么读yme is usually applied at around 55 degrees Celsius and is also used to make jeans pop; Laccase is generally used at 55 degrees, whi东莞职业技术学院chwhatif is different from the first two, that is, when laccase blribbonsooms, it has a yellow noribbon负载均衡策略stalgic effect; Using erosive enzymmentioned是什么意思英语e to corrode the wool edge omeaningful什么意思f cellulose, play the role of bright cotton fiber. The enzyme is an emeaningful什么意思nzyme that is specoften怎么读ific and efficient and must be used at a certain temperatureoften造句 and acidity. I can’东莞地铁t stand the practice of using enzymes in wameaning是什么意思英语ter was东莞天气hing plants. After reading this text, I follow the fmentionedollowing points: 1. The action time of the enzyme is relativeloften是什么词性y long, generally at leastwhat什么意思 30 minuteribbon和feign区别s can play a certa东莞理工学院in effect, please do not turn the enzyme for 5 minutes 10 minutes on the drainage! You can’t choose!often的中文 2. This enzglycolysis是什么yme is specific, that is, the erosive enzyme is not suitable for cowboys. Please don’t smeaningless翻译ay jeans aren’t emeaning翻译xpensive. Add more enzymes to thicken the water. Turnin东莞农商行g flowerribbonss is also the credglycosuriait of the washing ma东莞职业技术学院chine! 3. At a certain temperature,meaning造句 the enzyme must have a good activity, in the hot water enzyme is not h东莞市eated conditmentioned翻译ions, do not deal with jea东莞职业技术学院nsmeaning是什么意思英语! Four. Enzymes are usually more expensive. Imeaningsn gglycolysis翻译eneral, addioftenng 1% is a large amount. The above is tglycolysis是什么意思he ribbon of the ribglycogenbon pickling in detoften是什么词性ail, if you have other questions welcome tmentioned的中文o inquire

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