Nylon ribbon process knowledge explanation

Nylon ribbon features
Compared with nylon belt, ribbon and polyester belt, nylon ribbon is thick in material and hard in hand.knowledge怎么读音 It is usually used for safety belt and outdoor mountaineering belt. Therefore, the nylon ribbon process requirements arnylon尼龙杂志e more strict. In thickness, toughness, teknowledge翻译nsion anylon中文翻译re much higher than ordinary ribbon. How to make nylon ribbon fknowledge造句简单九年级eel thicker, yesterday xiaobian please solve the imkgift ribbon dyeing workshop ribbon technicians, mainly have the following points
1knowledge怎么读音. Make tknowledge造句简单并翻译he weft more dense so that it will be harder but the production will be reduced.
2. Glue can finalize the design so that it is ok, so the cost will be relatively high.
Nylon ribbon is nylon ribbonribbon怎么读音, soft andprocessing编程语言 smooth, brribbon怎么读音ight color, its sunlight fastness, rubbing fastness, heavy metal, sweat saliva, water fasprocessingtness and other quality and related standardnylon是什么轮胎s, tested by professional departments, have reached the international level. Nylon ribbon is snylon尼龙杂志uitable for high-grade gift hangings, suspenders, shouldexplanation的形容词形式er straps, belts, handbags, cases, car safety belts, clothing, trademarkknowledge什么意思s, pet supplies and otheknowledge造句r accessories, the usnylon是什么面料e of our products can enhance the brand image and product value, many brprocessionand products are widely useribbond at home and abroad.
Nylon ribbonribbon怎么读音 dyeing process
It is different from ordinary tie with ordinary tie, ordinary tie, desigknowledge的形容词n has the function of check back, nylon rinylon66是什么材料bbon can onlnylon中文翻译y be tied more tight, and Velcro tie with Velcro production principle, it is a kind of conneribbons怎么读ction auxiliary male andknowledge造句简单并翻译 female, oexplanation的动词ne side is small soft firibbonber on the other side is hard like a liprocess翻译ttle hair. It just stuck together. Under certain pulling force, elastic hook is straight, glue and open it from the loop pinylon是什么面料le, then resknowledge造句tore the original hook type, so the repeated opening and closing of up to teknowledgen thousand delivery,knowledge的形容词 fastening belt is widelribbons怎么读y used iprocession是什么意思n all kinds of goods are often openylonfeetvideosn and close fit or positionnylon是什么面料成分, but the traditional sticky stranylon是什么轮胎p can only adopt the sewing way of fixed on the product or object.
Intknowledge什么意思o the belt – color tank – hot steam steaming – washing – drying – falling belt
The function of steam: the acid dye molenylon是什么材质cules fully react with the corresponnylon66是什么材料ding functional groupsknowledge什么意思 in tnylon是什么面料成分he fiber to complete the process of dyeing the fiber with acid dye.
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