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Principle of ribbon cutting machine: Ribbon cutting machine (ultrasonic belt cutting machine) is the use of ultrasonic welproducts是什么意思中文ding technology and the traditional ribbon cutting technology combined, in the ultrasonic generator work, the ultrasonhelperic energy through thelpercathe ultrasonic transducer to the welding head and knifribbons怎么读e die produce violent vibration friction, so as to achieve the effect of shearing, Make shearing products have the advantaribbon和feign区别ges of more beautiful, more firm, moreproduct是什么贷款公司 efficient and fast production efficiency. Using ultrasonic shear, tcutting是什么意思中文翻译he incision is complecutting shapete and beautiful,helper造句 the cutting edggoodnighte is neat and smooribbonsth, no burr edge, no loose edge, the shmachineearing effect is excellent; 2ribbons. The machine adopts PLC console, automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision, fast speed, simple and efficient length adjustment, and can be cut at the same time; 3. Maribbon负载均衡策略inly used for cutting sthelper造句raight knife, oblique knife, dovetail and other shapes such as gift tape, strip nylon tape, strip ribbon; Note: this equipment is widely used in packaging, gifts, ribbon cutting and other industries, its incomparable ccuttingsutting effect by the majority of customers love.
Use of ribbon cuttincuttingsg macproducts怎么读hine:
Mainly suitable for: bagribbons怎么读s, leatheribbon怎么读r goods, sribbon什么意思hoes, emachinelectronics, rope, electronic industry, automobilmachinese and mogoodlucktorcycle pcutting-edgearts industry, electrigoodnotes软件下载cal appliances, motors, lamps and lanterns, toys, transformecuttingsrs, clothing, statioproduct是什么意思中文nery and other industries. Such as: casing, row line, copper aluminum wire, color belt, magic belt, ribbcuttingon, safety belt, PP belt, nylon belt, adhesive buckle belt, cotton belt, elastic belt,helper2345是什么文件夹 plastic tape, zipper, casing,ribbons什么意思中文 paper, row line, small wire, metal sheet and other materials fixed length cutting.
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