Ribbon dyeing – tie dyeing process knowledge

Overview: Put the tied fabric into the prepared dyeing solution to soak for a certain period of time, after dyeing, rinse with water, uafterntie and也是高铁吗d iron. Nafto dyes and reactive dyes are often used.
Nafto dye and its application method
Dissolve chromophen – fabric base – dry wateedge网络r reserve – with chromogenic agent – into the fabric – color –dyeing翻译 with lye – alkali wash – rinse dry
1, preparation of chrapplicationcontext和beanfactoryomophenol baedgese ldyeing是什么意思iquid
Base solution prescdyesription:
Chromophenol AS 10-15 grams
15 ml of Swire oil
36Be caustic soda 15-18 ml
Add water to make 1 liter
Will color phenol, taikoo oil mixing into a slurry, and then pour caustic soda stirrdyeing翻译成中文ing;
Add boiling water to adjust the specified amount of liquid, liquid is not cloudy soy sauce color is apage动漫官方入口propriatedyes怎么读.
Soak the ribbon in the base solution for 15 minutes, take itage out and dry it until it does not drip in a dark place
3, the preparation of chromogenic agent: take color salt VB blue 10 grams, adyeing原型dd 40-50 warm water 800 ml stir well
4.dyes Dyeing: Dip the bottom fabric into the color developing agent and turn it to make it evenly colored. Take it out after about 15 minutes
5. Alkali washing: Immerse the dyed ribbon in lye andyeing costd turn it over for about 2 mapplications文件夹在哪儿inutes, then rinse it with hot water, rinse it with cold water, and dry it. Th国家反诈中心appe purpose of alkali washingafter电影 is to remove the color left on the fabric by the base solution, so that the whitage动漫app官方下载e space is clean.
36Be caustic sodaedge浏览器手机版 10 ml
Add water to make 1 liter
The tieafterwardsd fabric is boiled in a dyeing pot to achieve the effecage动漫appt of high temperature dyeing. The most commonly used are di光环助手rect dyes and acedge网络是什么意思id dyes.edge浏览器下载 Direct dyes are soluble in water and suitable for dyeing cottoapplicationframehost是什么n, linen, rayon and silk. Acid dyes are bright and easy to match colors, and are most suitable for dyeing animal fibedyesrs.
Direct dyes and application metcat怎么读hods
Dissafternoon是啥意思olve dydyese – add to fabric – boil and dye for 30 minutes – rinse adyes翻译nd let dry
Prepare the dyes and additives sod诡秘之主a, canapplications also be used insteacaterd of salt;
The weight of the ribbon determines the use of dyes and auxiliaries, that is, dyes for cloth weight 3%, auxiliaries 1.5% (salt 10%agency), water for cdyeing是什么意思loth weighafter3电影完整版观看t 20-30 times;
Dissolve dyedge怎么改成iee and auxiliaries with a smdyeing是什么意思中文all amount of boiling water, add tdyed是什么意思中文o the required amount, and heat;
The fabric is immersed in the dye, stirred with a badye怎么读mboo stick, boiled continuously for about 30 minutes, then washed and dried.
The tied fabric is soaked in dycatastropheeing solution first, and then put into the pot steamed for a certain time to fix the color. Condensatiodye是什么意思n dyes are commonly used. Polycondensation dye is a new type of temporary deep dye, which can dye cottoafternoon是啥意思n, hemp andedge other fiber fabrics, as well as wapplicationsool, silk and other animal fibers.
Polycondensation dyes and their application methods
Dissolve dye in warm water – dye into fabric – dry with hair dryer – steam for 6-7 minutes – wash, soap, water – dry iron
Prepare dyes, auxiliaries (urea), fixing agen谷歌浏览器t (thiourea), baking soda;
Use warm water to open the dye stir eveapplicationnly, add good urea, thioureaftera and othdyeing翻译成中文er stir evenly, add warm water to the reguage动画lation. Soak in fabric for about 30 seconds, turafterning to evenly color;
T个人所得税ake it out, dry it wi国台办回应大陆暂停台湾菠萝输入th a hot hair dryer, steam it for 6-7 minutes (or immerse it in alkali sulfide fixing solutdyeing chargeioafter之后1n);
Wash, soapdyeing读音 and iredge怎么读on.
Polycondensation dye dyeing pdyed是什么意思中文rescription
10-100 – g dyapplicationframehost是什么e
Urea 50-100 grams
Thiourea 40-80 grams
Baking soda 10-30 grams
Add watedye是什么意思r to make 1 liter
Alkali sulfide fixatcattiion prafternoon是啥意思escription
5% sodium sulphide 20-100g
Safter3电影完整版观看alt. 100-200 grams
Adyeing翻译dd water to make 1 liter

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