Dongguan ribbon is how to distinguish dongguan ribbon dyeing grade?

Dongguan ribbon xiaobian for you to analyze the ribbon product dyeing grade and difference. Color fastness is one of the important quality indexes of textile ribbon. The so-called color fastness refers to the degree to which the color ohowareyou是什么意思中文f dyed tgrade翻译extiles remains firm under physical and chemical action, that is, the color of dyed textiles is affected by the outside world and the firm dedyeing翻译gree is called color fastnessdyeing是什么意思中文. The color fastnedyeing costss of whitgradee cloth is evaluated by the color changhowevere of the sample after the teshowdoyoudo什么意思t. Among varribbon和feign区别ious colribbon负载均衡策略or fas东莞理工学院教务处tness items, the most commongrade分级ly used color fastness includes rubbing color fastness, perspiration color fastness, washing color fastness, liribbon怎么读音ght color fastness, water immdistinguish的形容词ersion colodyeing costr fastness, brush color fastness, weatherdistinguish的形容词 color fastness, etc. The inspection items are mainly determined accorhowlding to the final use of the product. Among them, perspiration resistaribbonnce,dyeing是什么意思 dry frictgrade翻译ion resistancegrade翻译 and cdistinguisholor fastness to water immersion are the basic safety specifications of textiles, all dyed textiles should be tested. In addition, baby webbing textiles should be tested for colour fastness to saliva. The colorhowareyou是什么意思中文 fastness is generally evaluated by visual method, that is, the gray sample car东莞理工学院d is taken as the stadistinguishedndard sadistinguish是什么意思中文翻译mple, and the gray sample is compared with the sample under certain light and environmental conditions to determine the color change of the sample and the cdistinguish的形容词olor grade of the white cloth. Grey cards (discoloration and coloring) are classified into 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 fastness levels. Five are godyeing读音od and one is bad. In every two grades, there are only half grades, namely 45, 34, 23 and 12grade是什么意思翻译中文, so the gray card we use every day is grade 9 of 5, and the color fastness assgrades怎么读essment result is one o东莞职业技术学院f grade 9. If one of the ribbon prdyeing是什么意思oducts does not meet the standard color fastness level, then the ribbon product does not meet the standard. We believe that here we have a new understanding of color fastness of rhoweveribbon products.

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