Dongguan ribbon color difference how to deal with?

Dongguan ribbon is most afraid of color and the color of the guests recognized between the color. What is the cause of chromatic aberration? Color of the common problems are: ribbon pdeal过去式roodealerfing and guest original color; The ribbon is approved by the customer and the bulk cribbonolor with color difference.colorpop The reasons for the color difference are as follows: 1. Material: the colcolorful是什么意思英语or board (cloth board) provided by the customer is different from the ribbon material, which p东莞地铁roddongguanuc东莞理工学院es different reflected light and color difference. The density of the ribbon is different, which will also cause color difference; 2. The difference of ribbon dyeing procribbons什么意思中文ess:difference复数 different ribbon dyeing method and different dye quality widealerll lead to color difference; Horizontal color differcolorosence between large products and confirmed sample scolorrushtripribbons, vertical color difference of each product, machine and its state, color difference between batches, etc.; . 3, ribbon characteristics: the need for low temperature dyeing of cotton and organic cotton belt, bdifference什么意思amb东莞天气oo fiber belt, high temperaturribbon和feign区别e dyeing of polyester ribbodifference什么意思n and nylon ribbon, the difference of raw matribbon怎么读音erial characterdifferenceistics,how怎么读 the cause of color difference.

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