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At present, the badges collected in China are mainly the varieties that came out after the end of the Qing Dynasty. There are many rare treasures in these early varieties, and some of them hwhatsapp下载ave high cultteach过去式和过去分词urteachesawhat是什么意思翻译l relicstips什么意思中文 value. Such as personally designed by li hongzhang domestic medal of chest hanging, dongguan manually signed the medal awarded by brothers, suntips手术的原理图 qing dynasty judiciary to court officials "centering on" ivory badge, etc., for stock have rare combined with the existing cultural relic value, so the price rising fobadges是什么意思r years, now tens of thousands of yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan is not uncommon, compathree音标red to the 80 s, the price has risen by one hundrcollect怎么读ed times.

In auction industry, badge also has a place, statistic dtips什么意思iscovery in recent years the price of badge shows the state of rise, rare breed price also overlapping innovation isdoesn't是什么意思 hiimk包是什么品牌gh, if 2012 first half year by "whatsapp官方网下载yong he Jiacheng" auction of a clear acting doteach的第三人称单数uble dragon treasure star head and so on the second metips什么意思网络用语dal is, vice chapter, namely created the historical high price of 340,000 yuan.

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Of course, the price of the vast majority ofwhat badges is not high, general collectors can fully afford, such as an ordinary school badge price will not exceed 5 yuan, the universthree怎么读ity badge is also in 5~50 yuan, the gendoeseral quantity of large group badge price in 1~10 yuan, the number of fewer 50-500 yimkowan湾湾uan. The vast majority of tourist souvenir badgewhatsapp price is very cheap, in the tourist place to buy the price of ordinary not more than 5 yuan, refined in 10~20 yuan. But they are not part of the portfolio, and only high-end items with low circulation and special event commemorations canimkoten钱包下载 be included.

It is worth noting that various categories and MEDALS have become the trend of badge collection, and the investment appreciation rate is quimkowan湾湾ite high. Especially some awarded MEDALS, games MEDALS (MEDALS)teaching expensive, investment value is veimkry high. A few years ago, some eastern European athletes because of the poor lifeimkowan弯弯 and sold the Olymtips什么意思picimkey gold MEDALS and silver MEDALS, the price at that time in tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousanthreea轮胎是什么牌子ds of dollars, but the cucollect怎么读rrent badge market, have doubled the appreciation performance, and a chadoespter is hard to find, countless pursuers. Thus, precious badge investhreejstment value ithreemilfss very high, this kind of vteach过去式和过去分词arietiestips介入手术 is the real investmenteach是什么意思t objects, but such investment must have considerable economic strength, for ordinary investors, can dig the limited release of formaimkowan弯弯l institutions issued varieties, such as limited edition commemorative medallion is made and issued by the international Olympic commitcollectivismtee decided that especially the only give workers or athletes, etc., The mcollectivismarket cap potential is also high.

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