What tips does IMK inform collect badge? two

There are so many kinds of badges that collectors often get confused when they collect them, and often retreat from them. In fact, collecting badtips见男友什么意思ges is not difficult, as long as the nature of the badgetips啥意思网络 and the scope of collection before the colltips什么意思网络用语ection, you can simplify; If they can be skillfully organized or categorized, they can also be succebadgetway什么意思ssful. Aftertips什么意思 reseatips什么意思rch, the author found that the current badges can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Agewhat怎么读ncy badge. Including various group emdoes怎么读blems, school emblems, factory (company) emblems, family emblems, team emblems, etc.

2. Uniform insignia. Including shtwo是什么意思oulder (seal) emblem, cap emblem, collar badge, tie ccollection翻译lip, sleeve emblwhatsapp下载em, etc.;

3. Commedoesn'tmorative badges. Including badges of hwhat引导什么从句onor, MEDALS, travel medallions, commemorative badges, performance comtipsypetition badges, etc.

As long as the collector has a preliminary understanding of the atips怎么读bove-mentioned nature of the badge,informative it can be easier to suit thtwooe case and determine the collection range and collection object when collecting.

In receimkeynt years, the popular badge collbadge水龙头ection on the markwhatsapp下载et is the category with a large number of varieties and low difficuimkey硬件钱包lty of collection. It can not only form a scale, but also easier for new begdoesinners to get stadoes后面的动词用什么形式rted and attract them to set up a collection of confidence. These varieties are as follows:

First, the badgetwo的同音词. Figure badge is a relatively large clan in the badge family, occupying half of the badge, is the focus of thbadger是什么意思啊e badge collection.

2. Group badge. The prdoesn'toduimkoten钱包下载ction number of group badges is generally very large, and the variety is also more, it is not difficulttips见男友什么意思 to collect this kind of badges, but because the area is vcollect怎么读ery wide, so the scope must be controlled, otherwise there will btwo-thirdse too many sets of embarrassing situation.

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3. School Ecollectmblem. The school emblem emerged in China after the 1980s, among which the school emblem of famous universities was morecollect怎么读 common. In the middle and late 1what什么意思990s, the making of thetwo怎么读 school emblem had spread to primary and secondary schools, and many schools took the school emblem as the logo of students. And fcollection游戏oreign schoobadger獾怎么读l emblbadger獾怎么读em is more popular, the number is very large, second only to the badge. To collect such badges, consider sorting them by university, middle school and ecollection翻译lementary school, or just the school badge.

4. Commemorative badges. This type of badge is the largest in number, and some of the badges also belong to this category. Too much, because this kind of varieties with normally ocollectionnly according to the special collection, MEDALS and big events such as tourism and exbadgeshibition, etc., at present thecollect怎么读re are Olympic MEDALS, collect hotter World Cup soccer ctips什么意思网络用语ommemoratitwo音标ve medallion is made and the expo commemorative metwo的同音词dallion is made, the ccollection游戏ost of these MEDALS is not big, most travel places or when hold large meetings and evetipsnts can buy.

In addition to the above categories, various conference badges are also popular collection objects, but due to the strocollection的意思ng temtwodotsporary, collection is difficult, must rely on exchange to obtain, and is the main way to collect this category.

Of course, there are also people who creattwooively collect special topics from the material of badgesbadger币. Because of the various production techniques of badges, and there is no lack of adbadgesvanced techniqubadgeses of a period, it is also a living material for the study of the development of industrial science and technology, such as the molding, porcelain firing, electroplating, gilding, paint baking, inlay, enamel, laser, 3D and other techniques, whicbadger獾怎么读h make the badges colorful and beautiful.

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