New Director of Shenzhen Lions Club (source: Shenzhen Business Daily)


      On the afternoon of July 31, Xiao Xingping became the new director of Lions Club of Shenzhen at the 2009 ~ 2010 annual trisource车上按键什么意思bute and 2010 ~ 2011 i深圳地铁线路图naugclub用英语怎么说ural ceremony.

&深证指数nbsp;     The reporter learned at the ceremony thabusinesst since its establishment in 2002, The Shenzhen Lions Club has spread its love footprint across China, with Shenzhen as the center. Its service activiclubmanties have reached more tnew是什么意思英语han 5,sources是什么文件夹000 times, with a total service fund of 106 million YUAN. It has provided free surgeries for more than 13,400 poor cataract patients alions是什么意思nd donated more than 49 milllionsion yuan in materials for disaster relief. More than 5 million yuan has been donclub翻译ated to help the disabled and orphans, and more than 30 liclubman是什么牌子车on schoolbusinessmans have been built, benefiting 30 million people.

      The Lionsnew怎么读 Club of Shenzhen has made many achievementssource是什么意思 in the year of 2009-2010: won the official award from Guangdong Province. Guangdongsources是什么文件夹 Advanced Collective for Assisting the Disabled & RDQUO; Honcluborarclub是什么意思y title; Awarded by the Organizing Committee of science Development Forum sponsored by Nasourcedtional Developmdirector动词ent and Reform Comclubmedmission and China West Promotion Association Innovation development Practice Baselion是什么意思 & RDQUO; ; Won the Ginkgo award for best Service projbusiness的形容词ect of innew的反义词ternationew怎么读nal Federation. At the same time, the Shenzhen Lions Club insists. Grow together, service innovation & RDquo; , the number of members has reached more than 1700 people,news可数吗 meeting the target of membership deveclubmedlopment at the beginning of the year ahedirectorad of schedule.

      In the presence of wang Naikun, president of Lions Associ深圳市最新疫情ation of China and other guests, Xiao Xingping, on behalf ofbusinesslike Shenzhen Li深圳疫情最新动态ons Club, paid tribute to the 2009-2010 director, councibusiness翻译l, committee, service team members and the lion friends who made outstanding contributions in the service activities, and prsourcefilmmaker蒂法esented awards to them.

Reporter Deng Xiaoqun indaily怎么读tern Wang Yun

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