Invitation for bids to attend the 2010 Lions International Convention in Sydney



      The 93rd Lions Convention will be held from June 28 to July 2, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. Shenzhsydneyen Lattend什么意思中文ions club has issued an invitation to all lions to participate in the convention. Openinvitation什么意思 tender for itineraries, itinvitation的音标ineraries, etc.


A,There are four itineraries (in addition to the normal meeting agenda) :

      1. Order business. On behalf of visa, booking internatconventional读音发音ional air ticonvention翻译ckets, booking hotels. Arrange sightseeing Tours in and around Sydney during the conference.

      2, Australinternationalismia 5 days (Goconventional反义词ld Coast, Brisbane, Cairns Great Barrier Reef)internationalcupid

      3sydney怎么读, Australattend是什么意思ia 7 days (Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns Great Barrier Reef, Melbourne)

&nblions英语怎么说sp;     4. Australia and New Zealand 10 days (Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns Great Barinvitationsrier Reef, Melions翻译lbourne, Auckland, North Of New Zealand)


Second,Detailed requirelion是什么意思ments:

    &nbssydney音标p; 1. Allinternationalism routes must be arranged to particattendingipate in the international pinternationalworkers’day怎么读arade in Sydney on June 29, the opening ceremony of thinternational是什么意思e generabidsl Assembly on June 3attend名词0, and the closattend是什么意思ing ceremony and voting on Julinvitation的动词形式y 2.

&nbid是什么bsp; &nbspconventional是什么意思;   2.invitation什么意思 Assisinvitationst participantsconventional读音发音 in applying for visas to Australia; The & # 61548;

      3. Detailed itinerary: passing cbid是一天几次什么时间ities and tour items (indicate slionself-paid items)

      4, hotel standards (indicate the hotelattendance nconvention形容词ame and geoglions英语怎么说读raphical location, according to theconvention翻译 fivesydney是什么意思英语怎么读-star standard arrangement, close to the venue); The & # 6attendant1548;

      5. Transportation; That includes airlines, flightsinvitation怎么读, tointernational labour day翻译ur buses, etc. The & # 61548;

&nbsydney是哪个国家的sp;     6. Restaurant and standards; The & # 61548;

      7. Standarattendanceds and quantity of team leaders and local escorts;

      8. Payment of tips; The & # 61548;invitation什么意思

&attend什么意思中文nbsp;     9. Please attach a brief introduction of your club, size, advantages of organiinvitation的音标zing Australian teams, and experlions是什么意思ience in organizing large conferenbid是什么意思啊ce teams.

      10. The biddinbid是一天几次g tattend什么意思中文ravel agency must be qualified for outbound travel and cabid是什么医嘱nnot be a contracted or aattendantffiliated travel agency.


Three,Deadline for bidding: The deadliinternationalcupidne of 17:00 March 26, 2010 will not be accepted.
&ninvitationsbsp;   &ninvitation是什么意思中文bsp; Place for biddinattend的用法与搭配g collectsydney是什么意思哪国的ion: Shattendanceenzheinternationaln Lions Club Office (Huaqing Garden, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen)Dbuilding13Floor)


4. If you have any questions about the reqconvention翻译uirements of the bidding documenbid是什么意思医学给药频次t, please contact The executive Chairman of the Cinternational labour day翻译ommittee of the International Convention, Southeast Asia Coinvitationcode=nullnvention and association Annual Conference, Ms. Fang Shijie Song: 13902932588 and the district office: Ms. Chen: 2568899lions怎么读音0, fax: 25688900, email:





                        &nbid是什么意思啊bsp;                                                            internationally歌曲       Shenzhen Lions Club

                    &nbspinvitation是什么意思中文;             &nlions怎么读bsp;                      sydney是哪个国家的 International Convention, Southeassydney怎么读语音播放t Asia Convention and Association Convention Committeinternational怎么读e

     international翻译   &nbspsydney怎么读; &nbinternationalcupidsp;                   &nbspinvitation怎么读语音;sydney音标                               &nbspattend什么意思中文;                       March 10, 2010


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