Sichuan earthquake stricken area Danlian County Yangchang town urgently need your assistance


Danlian County Yangchang Town daxing village disaster

      First, Danlian cotownunty “512 earthquake” the county disaster overview

      At 14:28 on May 12,count英语 an earthquake measuring 5-5.5养长寿花用什么妙招 on the Richter scale occurred in Daareanlian County, aearthquakesffected by the 7.8 wenchuan earthquake. The earthquake caused great damage, so far, the casualtiecounty是什么意思啊s of 54 peoplecounty相当于中国什么, includinarea可数吗g: 3 people died, seriousurgently是什么意思ly injurecount意思d 28area可数吗 people, minor injuries 23 people; 145,800 peasaearthquake课文原文nttownhouse households were afftownsected, and neacounty-levelrly 20,000 households’ houses were damaged; The county’s 27 primary and secondaryearthquake课文原文 schools were forced to close; The direct economic loss is 253.359 million yuan.

      Ii. Daxing Village, Yangchang Town, Danlian County

      Daxing Village, Yearthquake可数吗angctownhang Town, Danlian County has a total number of 542 households and a total pstricken翻译opulation of 1842 pedanlianople. 542 households and 1842 people (825 eldearthquake前面加a还是anerly people over 50 years old and 245 children under 14stricken翻译 years old) were affected by the disaster. Main disaster: housing collapse, wall cracks, roofs lifted, tiles off, food damage, resulting in people without shelter. The number of houses collapsed aareacross 73 households, 1四川疫情最新消息23 rooms, 337 damaged rooms, other different degrees of wall cracks, roof was lifted, tistricken是谁的过去分词les fell off c四川大学ountless. The urgently needed supplies include couearthquake英语怎么读ntless building mate单恋原声带rials, 123 tents, 50 quilts and 3,000 kilo四川grams of grain. A total of 3 million yuan will be needed for disaster relief.

    &urgentlynbsp; As the county is notcountyhumans a disaster hotspot area, there is no immediate assistance, in urgent need of tents, quilts, food, drinking water, etc., I hope lion friends and all walks四川师范大学 of li单恋popofe to extend a helping hand, the shortage of su扬长而去pplies to the victims in a timely manner.

      Sichuan Liaison Group oearthquake可数吗f Shenzhen Lions Club: He Fu Ru Shi Jie & NBSP; 13802211428

  &nbarea怎么读英语sp;   Danlian County People’s Official Office contact: He Cearthquake课文原文ounty Magistrate 13990327088


                                              &nbspearthquake什么意思;                       &narea怎么读英语bsp;     &nbspearthquake;                   &nbsp单联双控开关接线图;           &四川1岁孩子确诊nbs单恋p;           &nbcounty是什么意思啊sp;                      四川农业大学    county           May 19area可数吗, 2008


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