Summary of disaster in Longnan area

Summary of disaster in Longnan area

The quake caused 1.957 billion yuan in direct economic losses in Longnan city, Gansu Provincdisaster英语作文e, according to preliminary estimates. According to the preliminary report of each county, the earthquakedisaster翻译 afdisaster的名词fected 195 tareaowns, 2,343 villagesarea怎么读英语, 425,800 households, 1.747,600 people in Longnan陇南市公共资源交易中心 City, the city needs to relocasummary的中文意思te 890,000 people. At present, the most prominent problem is the resettlement of victims in the city, which requires a large number of tents, water, clothing and other materials and necessities of lif龙南市e for the masses.

Longnan area, la龙南天气预报rge gully deep, temperature difference between day and night, most of the affected farmers are still sleeping outside, according to the local civil affairs bureau news, the affected aresummary的中文意思a is now the biggearea是什么意思英语st need or tents! Tent! Tesummary怎么写nt! There is a shortfsummaryall of aboareasut 30,000.

Gansu Pro陇南师范高等专科学校vincial Official Office in Shenzhen

May 21, 2008

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