Fuyong and Fuan Service Team: hold the 2017-2018 inaugural ceremony of joint election change and the 2016-2017 appreciation meeting

Fuyong and Fuan Service Team: hold the 2017-2018 inaugural ceremony of joint electioservice是什么故障灯n change and thteam什么意思e 2016-2017 appreciation meeting

On July 29, 2017, tservice可数吗he inaugural ceremony of 2017-2018 joint electifuyongon of Fu Yong and Fu ‘an Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club andservicebio the appreciation ceremoteamprony of 2016-2017 were held successfulceremony翻译ly in Chao Yue Restaurant, S妇用小苏打的作用与功效anuo Wisdom Building, Binhai Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.inauguraladdress课件ppt More than 100 people attended the ceremony, including nie Xiangdong, chairman of thteamoe fifth Zone of 2017-hold的过去形式2018, Ye Zi, chairman of the eighth Zone, Huang Shaofang, chairfuanman of the 14th Zone, and Ch福安药业en Qiufen, supervisor. The ceremony was chaired by Ms.ceremony同义词 Zeng Yanxia an妇用小苏打的作用与功效d presided oceremony造句ver by Ms. Wan Feiteamo.

Under the wit富安娜ness of each leader lion frhold是什么意思iends and guests, the last captain and the current captain of the handover cceremony同义词eremony, Pan Jiaping of the Fuyo附庸风雅录ng service team will be the captain ribbon handed over to Gao Jianping; Fu ‘an Service Teaceremony怎么读m Lhold是什么意思i Tracy handed over the captain ribbon to Qiu Chuanhong. Captain’s ribbon and bell hammer are syhold不住mbols of honor, but also represent responsibility, commitment and power forward.

Pan Jceremony用什么介词iaping, the last leader of The Fuyo伏安法测电阻实验报告ng Service Team, reviewed the lion work in 2016-2017. As the lion bell rang again and again, we planned together to go to 10 primary schools in Hahold翻译nchuan with the boo附庸风雅ks that students wereserviceman looking forward to, and set up “Sprhold的过去式和过去分词ing Breeze Library” to spread love. In addition, fuyong Service team has grown up by providing services傅永字修期清河人也文言文翻译 for fuyong Nursing home, successfully holding “Red Action” and other countless service activities.           &nbspinauguraladdress课件ppt; &nbs伏安法测电阻p;     &nbspservice是什么意思;  伏安法测电阻 &nbteamviewersp;  hold过去式                                                                         &ceremony怎么读音nbsp;  service可数吗  

Gao Jianping, captain of fuyong Service team, introduced the New Year’s work plan. He hoped that all the lion friends of Fuyong Service team would work togeth服用六味地黄丸的危害er and worteammatek together to walk every step on the road of public welfare and附庸 create a better tomo富安娜rrow for fuyongteambition se傅永发愤读书文言文翻译rvice teinaugural addressam!

Article/photo Contributed by Fuyong Service Team

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