Notice | about service captain free to participate in public welfare charitable fund-raising conference

Notice | & have spent Notice on the invitation of service team leaders to attend the International Forum on Urban Development

Service team leaders:

    Business and Philanthronotice的形容词py: Internatparticipate参与者ionpublicize翻译al Forum on Inclusive Urban Development was held on December 3-4, 2018 at Shenzhen Conveservice是什么意思ntion And Exhibition Centwelfare怎么读re, organized by GFC Singapore. Throunotice的形容词gh offices and the organizecaptain翻译rs of the consultaabout是什么意思tion, the organizing committee of thcaptain泰国演员e special offer 150 full scholarships to shenzhen lion friends, shenzcharitable是什么意思hen lions all thecaptainonthebridge service captain, vice captain, second deputy captain, vice captain 3 in convention and exhibition center on December 4 free to participaboutcg网站ate in BBS and fundraising master class, together wiwelfare怎么读th the international community hcaptainonthebridgeigher-ups learning share public welfare charitable fund-raisparticipate用法及搭配ing knowledge and practical experience.
All service team captain tservicebioo sign up for the training activities, please log in to obtain relevant information given free traininparticipate所有形式g qualifications:

Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of The 2018-2019 Lions Club of Shenzhen, and Luo Gcaptain喵队长微博uanqi, Chairman of the Committee for Poverty Alleviation and Disability

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