Kindness and Peace — 2018• The review meeting of national Children’s World Peace Poster works in Shenzhen Exhibition Area was successfully held

Kindness and Peace — 2018• The review meeting of national Children’s World Peace Poster works ireviewsn Shenzhen Exhichildren是什么意思bition Area was successfully held

On November 1national祝庆0, 2018, the revpeaceminusoneiew meeting of 2018 National Children’s World Peace Posters in Shenzhen Exhibition Aworld翻译rea was succesreviewsfully held in Huangpu School, Futian District,reviewing Shenzhen.

Domestic poster lion fedkindnesskinglyprincesseration peace committee vice chairman of the party with loose, shenzhen lions second deputy chairman zhi-qiang lkindness翻译u from 2018 to 2019, a formemeetingtencentcomr President of wu xm, peace committee chairman keven hsieh, poworld什么意思ster, executivechildren是什么意思 chairman of Weworldtalki Qiaozhnational祝庆u, Cui Xianfposter怎么读eng, Dong Xiuling, secretary Mao Xia, many friends fine arts expert judges and service the lreview翻译ion, thereview voluworldwidenteereviewsrs to attend the review. The meeting was chaired by MAO Xia.

The competition received enthusiastic participation and strong support from nearly 30 service teams, schpeacefulools and art organizations of Shenzhen Lions Club. A total of 20,660 works were submitted to the Shenzhen Lions Peace Poster Committee, marking a significant increase in the number of participants and works in recent years. After rigorous screening, nearly 1,000 works were selected for on-site selection.

This poll will judge lineup unprecedented strong, associate professor of education department of guangdong preview的名词rovince fine arts research staff, Zhou Fengfu, committeeman of shenational是什么意思nzhen academy of fine arts, director of the educatkindness是什么意思ion committee, smeeting怎么读英语henzhen education, art education research center director Huang Hongwu, domestic artist associationworldwide翻译 member, the State Council special allowance winner experts,kindness翻译 the famous contemporary painter, traditional Chinese painters and calligraphers Chen Kezhi, Deputy director of the shenzhen lo wu gallery, a committeeman of shenzhen art edposterityucation committee Feng Xiaorui, hill acadposterityemy chief, committeeman of shnational祝庆enzhen art education committee deputy secretary-general Cui Wenjian, sheposteritynzhen university, college of art and design foundationposter模板 director,world director of the institute of guangdongkindness的形容词 provworldboxince domestic painting Hui wpeacebird是什么品牌衣服u, institutions of higher learning, an associate professor of institute of art of macau, macau fine arts association member Feng Baokindnesszhu judging panel, echildrentc.

Before the appraisal meeting, the peace poster Cmeeting是什么中文意思ommittee of Lions Club shenzhen orgakindness英语作文nized the expert judges to hold the appraisal preparatchildren后面加is还是areion meeting. Fang Mansonationalstadiumng and Xie Wenke introduced the overallreview和revise的区别 situation, selection methods and rules of the peacepeacemaker poster activity to the expert judges, and rechildren英语怎么说viewed and observed the winning peace postenational空调r works at home and abroad tnationalogether. Latreview是什么类型的文献er, 7 judges were accompanieposter翻译d by professional staff to complete the evaluation work independently.

In the end, the expertchildren的名词所有格 judges selected 1 special prize, 30 first prize, 50 second prworldtalk下载ize and 60 third prize for children’s works aged 11 to 13. “Signing for the Olive Tree” creatkindness造句子ed by 1kindness怎么读1-year-old Liu Jiazhao, dirmeeting是什么中文意思ected by Donworldtalkgguan New Century Talents School and recomworldboxmended by Zimeng Service team, was awarded the “special prize”. Thkindness是什么意思is work represented Shenzhen Lions Club in the International Lions Cworldboxlub Peace poster competitionposter海报. In addition, the ekindness的形容词xpert judges selected 5 first prizes, 10 second prizes and 20 third prizes for children’s works from 8 to 10 years old.

On November 19, Presidposter翻译ent Ma Min organized Secretary General Du Hengkun and Chairman xie Wenke of peace Poster Committee to sort out, check and review the selected works carefully aposter是什么意思nd strictly to ensure that the selection results are rigorous and fair, and the schildren英语怎么说elected works represent the standard of Shenzhen Lionschildren翻译 Club.

Ikindness是什么意思t is reported that the nationareviewsl Peace poster review will be held in Beijing on November 24, and the special prize and finational怎么读rst prize works selected from shenzhen Exhibitioposterityn area will participate in the national peace poster review. The judges selected 202kindness英语作文 “selected works” from 420 excellenpeace翻译t works fchildren后面加is还是areor children frommeeting 11 to 13 and 10 excellent works for childrenposter是什么意思 with disabilitworldwideies from 14 exhibition areas nreview是什么类型的文献ationwchildren翻译ide. Among them, 6 works from Shenzhen emeetingtencentcomxhibition area were selectedchildren是单数还是复数 as the top 63 in China, and the number of selchildren后面加is还是areected works ranked the third imeeting翻译n China. Fifteen works were selected among the top 202 nationwide. The national Lions Assonationalciation will select the first,kindness造句简单 sworldwide翻译econd and third prizes from 63 “selected works”.

The award ceremony of peace Poster Shenzhen Exhibition area will be held in Shenzhen in June 2019. At that time, the Peace Poster Committee will display all the winning works, and award prizes to all the winners, and commend the outstanding contributors in the peace poster creview翻译ompetition. Friends from all wchildrenalks of life and all lion friends are welcome topostern下载 participate actively and wnational祝庆itness this grand moment tokindness翻译gether.

[Text] Lin Wenjie

[Photo] Linchildren英语怎么说 Wenjreview是什么意思中文ie

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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