High-tech Service Team: hold the second team meeting and the fifth regular meeting of 2018-2019

High-tech Service Team: hold the second team meeting and the fifth regular meeting of 2018-2019

On November 19, 2018, the second captain team meeting and the fserviceableifth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions High-tech Service Team for 2018-2019 was held in Merio Health Private Customizatholdingion Center, No. 38 Hongbao Road, Luohu Disteam什么意思trict. Deng Yi, deregular什么意思puty secretary general of Shenzhehold的过去式和过去分词n Lions Club, Chen Qunhao, chairman of 9th District, Bi Yongtao, advisor, Wen Yanmei, leader of high-tech service Team, Deng Xin, sectechnologyond vice leader, Li Jiaservicebiowen, third vice leader, Secretary Chen Yinserviceableg, Finance Wang Wenxian and other 25 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Shengxing and ptechniquesresided over by Wen Yanmei.

At the meeting of the team leader, Wen Yanmei stressed that the high-tech service team should display the project contents inhigher the regregular的名词uregularitylar meeting in the future when carrying out service activities, and all members should put forwardsecondhand suggeregular什么意思stions and notify the decision osecondaryf the team leader. At the same time, she proposed that the high-tech service team hold two “red actions” in early 2019, which was unanimfifthlyously approved by the participating lions. Deng Xin introduced the content of “Bright heart” activity planned to be held in Cengong County, Guizhou province.

At the regular meeting, Catechptain Wen Yanmei shared her thoughfifth什么意思ts on the joint meeting and fellowship activity of zone 3 and the “Dialogue with Nature” sharing meeting of OtechniquesCT Wetland. Inform the actihigh的名词vity arrangement of Puning Bright Bank from November 24 to 26; Call on asecond翻译ll lion friends to actively pahigh翻译rticipate in the 4th Shenzhen Lions Club Huasheng Lion Festival activities; It is proposed that the High-tech Service team will hold two “Red action” events this year.

Deng Yi conveyed the spirit of the second district council meeting of Shenzhhold键是什么功能en Lions Club, briefregularly意思中文翻译ed the recent work of the district Council and the next work arrangementechniquest.

Chen Qunhao shares the grand occasion of the 57th Southeast Asia Annual Conference. Chen ying added the requirementsregular的名词 of the distriservice的名词ct cregular反义词ouncil for the serviteamce activities, and announced tsecondlyhe torch pledgehold, huashi award pledge andhigh的名词 strive for Xiangyun Awardteam and other matters. Li Hua thankeservice的名词d Wen Yanmei and Chen Dasteam什么意思heng for their devotion to the joint meetinghold过去式 and social activitiesteam是什么意思翻译 in zone 3, and congratulated the high-tech service team for winning the phold是什么意思rize in the cooking competition. Deng Xin introduced the “Bright heart” actitechnicianvity in Cengong County, Guizhou province.

Zhang Shengxing invited Dr. LAN Hai, director of Sino-Us International Anti-aging Industry Group and deputy director of The World Health Assets Research Institute, to share the knowledge of health conservation andhight benefit lion friends a lotfifth的缩写.

Finally, congratulations to Lin Tao, Luo Lidan, Zhang Shengxing, Huang Yuefeng and Liu Kaineng whose birthdays asecondlove日剧re in November. The meeting ended with a lot of love and positive energy. Thanks to Zhang Shengxing for the meeting place and healhold翻译thy feast, and thanks toservice是什么意思 Wen Yanmei for the abundant fruit.

By Chen Ying & NBSP;   Photo/Feng Que, Wsecondscreen下载en Yanmei, Detechnologiesng Xin

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