Hunan Service Team: held the first council meeting of 2017-2018

Hunan Service Team: held the first council meeting of 2017-2018

On July 15, 2017, the first council meeting of The yeacouncilr 2017-2018 of Sheld中文henzhen Lions Club Huaxiang Service Team was successfully held in the conference room on the 12th flmeeting翻译oor of Yonghservicemanui Building, Changchun North Road, Gongming New District. (2017-2018 China hunan service captain, full of hope, the previous captain lai mservice是什么意思中文翻译usketry, first deputy captain Xu Youping, second deputy caservice是什么意思中文翻译ptain Li Xinnian vice captain Li Xiaofang, third, the team captain maintenance, secretar湖南建设人力资源网y zhang xu flowerservice是什么故障灯 of kudzuvine, thriving financial Li Yihua, gene湖南人事考试网ral zheng, director of Huang Fengge, qing-xiang zhou, da-wei huang, care committee ling of cloud and other 13 people were present at the meeting. The meetifirstng was chaired by Xu Ymeetingsouping.

Captain Yu manwang made a speech, thanking allfirst是什么意思 the lion friends for attending this meeting, and thankingcouncil词根 captain Lai Mingfang, the last board members and all the lion friends for their efforts. He also laid out a work plan for 2017-2018, hservicebiooping for your continued suppcouncil什么意思ort. Lai Mingfang, the former team leader, thanked all the lion friends of Hunan Steamervice team for their support and dedication, and congratulated the 2017-2018 council members湖南师范大学 of Hunan Service Team for their glorious apcouncil是什么意思英语pointment. He hoped that everyone could unite and do the lion work well. Zhang Weiwei, Xu Youping, Li Xinnian, Ling Dayun, Zfirst怎么读英语hou Qingxiang and omeeting翻译ther lion friends made speeches reteamospectively,firsthand giving suggestions andcouncilor suggestionscouncilman小体 for the change of leadership of Huaxing Service Team. Finally, Xu Gehua湖南科技大学 made a summary speech.

The meeting decided to hold themeeting 2017-first音标2018 inaugural ceremony and othhunaner matters in Nanshan Ho湖南疫情最新情况ngfeng Hotel on August 26, and carry out a reasonable division of the relevant preparatory work. The meeting also planned to organize all lion friends to shantou in mid-August to carry out army support actservicemanivities and hold regufirst namelar meetservice是什么意思中文翻译ings.

By Xu Gehua

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