Yantian Service sponsored “June 1? “Welcome the Great Luck” family fun games

Sponsored by Yantian Service Team & LDquo; Their children & bull; To meet the universiade & throughout; Parent-chiwelcome音标ld Fun Games

            To mefamily家庭树图片et & otherfamily家庭树图片; Children & throughout; The arrival o盐田f children’s Day, May 27 afternoon, sponsored by thwelcome的用法小结e Yantian District women’s Federation, Shenzhen Lions Club Yantian service team, Yantian district charity sponsored & LDquo; Their children & bull;servicebio To meet the universiade & throughouwelcome壁纸t; Parent-child fu盐田天气n sports activities were held in the district岩田刚典 administservice可数吗rative culture square. Wonderffamily的复数形式ul children’s performances and fun games, so that parents and children ahead of a happy chgreat比较级ildren’s day.
      &funnbsp;     Lin Yanju, deputy secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Clubserviceable, Xiao Dejun, presideluckincoffeent of Yantian Service Club, gu Ling, former president of Yantian Service Club, xu Xianjian, Xie Jianlan, Liu Tengwen, Lgreat-elecifuneral Kangrong, Ye Meizhao, Zheng Yulian and other lion friends afamily是什么意思ttended the event.

            Activities in weijunhui Southern Pearl Kindfamilytherapy中文ergarten children brought the dance “bloom” opened the prelude, from盐田 the district of each kindergarten children showed their own & LDquo; Skills & throwelcome过去式ughout; , dance “intolucky的副词 Tibet”, “kiss jasmine flower”, “familybeating flame” and other programs, lively and lovely, full of wit, fulsponsored翻译ly demonstrated the district of children’s versatility and yoserviceableuthful vigreatlytality, the scene became a sea of joy.
            During the activ盐田itwelcome翻译y, the lion friends of The Yantian Servicesponsored翻译 team also paid deep condolences to the poor children in Yantian District, sensponsoredt gifts and cash to the severely ill children at the activity site, and sent the warmest wishes to the children during their festiva岩田荣庆l.

            Over the years, yantian Service team under the leadership of tgreat-eleche previous presidents, actively engaged in various public welfare undertakings, many times held disaster relief donations, sympatlucky英文名怎么读hy, assistance for tservice翻译he construction of hope primarfamily翻译y school, & LDquo; Attended & throughout; And other charity events. In the community service, Yantian Service team will help the poor community, send warmth, care for cwelcome过去式hildren and so on as the primary work every year. In addition tservice是什么意思中文翻译o the Mid-Autumn Festival condolence district welfarwelcome用法e center elderly, & LjuneDquo; Three & middot; Throughout eight &; Section confamilyhookupsdolence to Yantian District & LDquo; Mogreat翻译ther Sunshine ” During the Spring Fefamilystival, in addition to caring actions suchluck as sending New Year’s suppliewelcome用法s and new annual interest to hundreds of impoverished families in Yantian District, we alswelcome壁纸o carry oufamily家庭和家人的区别t poverty allevialuckyajtion and education activities regularly to help students with excellent academic perforgreat翻译mance and poor families fiwelcome翻译nish their studies. The heart of the poor children, actively raise funds for the poorluckyaj children to provide funding, by the widespread concern of thservice的名词e society. (By Yuko Tutin)

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