We insist, one hope primary school a year

 We insist, one hope primary school a year
                &nbsprimary的中文意思是什么p;          hope         &nbsinsistp;                          year怎么读      school翻译         &primary副词nbsp;                 &nprimary翻译bsp;   &nbsprimaryp;       &nschoolbagbsp;   — — Fuyong service team and Dongguan Fast fish Cloyear翻译thing Co., Ltd. jointly donated to build longcschool什么意思huan He City primary school

            April 19, 2011, this is a sunny day, shenzhen Lions Club Fuyong service team set out again! In recent months, they have been looking around, hoping to find a school suitable foryear是什么意思 donation. Frominsist翻译 Zhijiang, Hunan province to Pyeongchang, Sichuan Province, from Zhanjiang tohope选手 Luoding & Hellip; … All the travails have ayearcon是什么牌子的 single purpose: toschool翻译 direct thehopeless limited donor funds to wheyearlyrschoole they are most needed.
  On the same day, Tian Li, the president of fuyong Service team, Huang Yongjuinsist的用法总结n, the first vice president, and Chen Yuhua, the founder ohopelessf the association, drove more thprimary keyan 400 kilometerschoolbags to visit the Heshi Primary school locathopefuled in the beautiful scenery of Longchuan, Heyuan, aprimary读音nd finsist oninally decided to jointly invest 180,000 yuan to rebuild the Heshi Primary school with Dongguanyear造句 Fast Fish Clothinyear是什么意思g Cschoology官网登录o., LTD.

      &schoolboysecretsnbsp;   &primary副词形式nbsp; Longchuan County He Town he City primaprimary schoolry school foundhope的用法ed in 1896, is a revolutionary base ayearcon是什么牌子的rea and a long history of the school. This ancient and lonschool是什么意思中文g school after one hundred years of development and change, has changed into an area of 19750 square meters, a building area of 1990 square metersprimary副词, more than 300 students of tinsistedhe county level school. Andprimary读音 the existininsistedg teaching building after identification part of the wall isinsist22-pro seriously damaged, can not meet the needs of the increasing number of shope和wish区别tuprimary副词dents year by yeinsist虚拟语气的用法ar, so it is necessary to rebuild part of the building,yearcon是什么牌子的 the original teaching building on both sidesprimary副词 of each function room, a total construction area of 3yearcon是什么牌子的30 square meters. Due to the relatively backward local econhopedomy, the school only raised 120,000 yuan through various fund-raising, which is nearprimary keyly 200,000 yuan less than the total amount of 300,000 yuan. Thereforeprimary读音, the school aphopedplied for donation to fuyprimary副词形式ong Service Team.
    &nbshope和wish区别p;       After receiving the application, fuyong Service team immeschoolingdschool翻译iately sent an investigation team led by Presiinsistentlydent Tian Li, and squeezed out working days to go to Hezhou Primary Schopedhool to inspect the specific building conditions, and had in-depth discussions with school leaders.
&nbsschool音标p;        insistently   &nbsprimary怎么读英语p; On the review after you come back board, fuyong service more than in the comparison of the need to support, executive director of the school condition, finally voted councinsistedil unanimously by the crane endowed city elementary scyear翻译hool, and gohopet the service lionyear造句 elder sister company dongguan sharp fashion co., LTD. Of the compassion donation hunprimary是什么意思dreds, makes tprimary怎么读英语he project quickyearbookly start in June.

            The fuyong Service team has been striving to do practical things. Since the establishment of the cluprimary和prime区别b, they donate to build a hope primary school every year. At the same time, another gratifying thing is that, ihope怎么读nschool怎么读spired by love, the number ofhope the service team keeps growing, and now there are 49year是什么意思 registered members, including several would-be lions who have paid the meminsist名词bership fee but have not formally jhopedoined the club.
        &nbschoolingsp;   The sprimary keyeeds of love in the sowing, in the extension, it will gerprimary读音minate, grow, in the brillhope翻译iant spring flowers everywhere, in the ripe autumn season fruitful. … !

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