Communication of heart, sharing of love

The communication of heart and the sharing of love
          &nbslove直播破解版p; &nbspcommunication的定义;                                       &communicationnbsp;   &nbsharing怎么读的sp;     &nbcommunication翻译sp;   — The fellsharing怎么读的owship activity between the Choi Tian Service Team and disabled friends

            At 3pm on May 28th, 2011, ldQUO was co-hosted by Zhou Ting, Zeng Fanjun, Zhou Kejian and othesharing翻译r lion friends of Shenzhen Liheartshotons Club color Field Service Team and about 60 peoplelovealarm from all circles in Shenzhen Wutongshan FoD Animation Co., LTD. Sharing love &rdqlove直播手机版app下载uo; Fellowship activities.
          Fod representative Liu Haijun, gencommunication的动词形式eral manager, said: “This kind, friendsharing怎么读的ly and warm event is very good, foD feel very warm. At the ssharing中文谐音怎么读ame time, he incommunication的动词形式troduced foD’s hard entrepreneurial ecommunicationsxperience and the story oflovely什么意思 Zheng Weining, the foundersharing是什么意思 of the animation company, which caused a stir in China and the worlove直播手机版app下载ld. Mr. Zheng Weining was received four timlove最新版官方下载es by President Hu Jintao and received awards. Following that, Liu Yong recited a musical work basedheartbeat on his own experience. After that, xu Xianming, the holove直直播appst, introduced foD’s several comlovely什么意思pleted projects: a car body advertisement commissionlovealarmed by futian Dlove is gone英文翻译istcommunicationrict; &mdcommunication什么意思ash; Envirheartworkonmental protection of low-carbon life; Domestic bank advertising design and part of the bank software solutiosharing是什么意思n desisharing英语作文gn.

          Lion friend Qian Zhesheng, 92 years old this year, he listened carefullylove to thsharing英语作文e relevant introduction, a lot oheart什么意思英语f feelings. “Fod’s spirit of being resilient, fearless and self-reliant deserves everyone’s learning,” he said. Mr. Zeng Fan-jun, the president-elect, also said: when God closes a door for you, he must open a window for you. As long as self-improvement, the same can live wonderful.

   heartshot       The evehearteningnt wsharing是什么意思as aheartfeltlso punctuated by foD’s high-levheartshotel singing and performance, as well as the excellent performance of oct Star Art Troupe. The chicommunication翻译ldren of shenzhen New Fourth Army Research Association alove直播手机版app下载nd some Dongjiang Column also participated in the activity. Meanwhile, Wang Kefei from the social research group of Shenzhen Volove直播破解版lunteers Federabdsharingtion also brought 10 volunteers to shaheartworkre the great love of FOD. Also invited were two heacommunication翻译d teachers from Shenzhen Middle School. Through the activitieheartilys, they deepened their understanding of lions Club and discussed the relationship between caring activities and students’ education.love直播手机版app下载

          At the end of the activity, Mr. Zhou Kejian, executive chairman, delivered a speech of appreciation to the foD and the guests, and promiscommunication什么意思ed to donate a tablovely翻译le tennis tablheart什么意思英语e to foD. Attendees also explovely翻译ressed their love, donating a total of more than 1,000 yuan to buy audio accessories for the friends of the Disabled. Everyone said that they would care more about their life and work in the future.heartbroken

          Thiheartenings activity focuses on the specommunication造句简单带翻译ciasharingl stories of foD self-help and helping others. At the same time, I also introduced tsharing英语作文o my friendheartworks the charity service projects of the Colorful Tian Lion Service Team. Let everyone communicommunication怎么读的cate, share love and care.

                        &communicationnbsp;                   &ncommunication什么意思bsp; &nlove is gone英文翻译bsp;        sharing是什么意思英语                 Photo/Article Hlove直播手机版app下载uacommunication和communicate区别ng Jianxiong, Caheartfelto Renzhong

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